This Is The Beginning


Well hello there!

My name is Alex, and I am That Stepford Gal.

I begin this blog today initially as a collection of my thoughts on the current politics on women, societal attitudes towards traditional women in the West and homemaking. This includes my personal experiences and musings and does not focus on statistics and academia. Why? Simply because there are a lot of amazing blogs that have that already! They have done the research, the statistics and the studies- I would just end up repeating the same thing.

So here I will bring on my thoughts, especially on the social weather here in Australia. Of course, I don’t like to make unsubstantiated statements either, so I will link other blogs/posts that already have the basis.

I believe that most women in society should be homemakers, biologically we were made for nurturing, caring and supporting. While there are always exceptions (there always are in everything), I refer to the majority. The best work most women can do is for their family; having beautiful children, supporting husbands that provide and bringing a loving atmosphere to the home. As they say, the wife is the light of the family, she is the shining source of support, warmth and love. This has been proven through time, throughout history, as an effective family unit.

Women need to realise that their ‘independence’ and the liberalism most Western governments promote bring about loneliness, stress and isolation. If women and men were to live their lives even more separately, there is about twice as much buyers for things such as real estate, cars and so much more. This only benefits large businesses, companies and the government. Prices go up. The pressure to work increases. There is less time for family and the home. Life is more stressful. 

Women, we were taken for a ride.

I am not religious, either. Just as a side note. I don’t need to look through a religious book to see the traditional role of women and men in a family, this is written all across history in nearly every culture, country, race and language. It is just a fact of life.

Don’t worry, I will delve further into my beliefs and thoughts in my blog posts, so stay tuned! That Stepford Gal will definitely have more in store. Oh yes.


3 thoughts on “This Is The Beginning

  1. Welcome Alex and fellow Traditinal Woman’s Rights Activist! And thanks so much for following! I love the blog layout and best of luck in your goal to become a housewife. I’ve added you as part of the blog family on my site. 🙂

    – The Radical One


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