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Babies, Oh My!


For my first official post, why not get straight to things? I am meant to be quite blunt after all, ladylike but blunt nonetheless. There is an artful way of doing such a thing, I believe.

The sight of adorable babies makes my heart melt. The littler they are the more adorable. The chubbier their cheeks are the more adorable. No matter how many times I’ve been through many interests in my life, the whole world stops and I feel like dropping everything when I see a cute baby. Only one thought occurs in my mind when I see one, and for the few moments the world is paused it just rings in my head.

What I want the most is to have a little baby of my own to devote my life to.

Goodness gracious. Now that’s a phrase you don’t often hear from young women nowadays. In fact, in my workplace the general attitude of young women towards babies is disgust. Babies are the epitome of mess, commitment and being ‘held down’. Well I’d like to be held down by something so small and adorable. However, when I’ve told a select few about that, all I get is:

“That’s it? That’s all?”

A baby is never just an ‘it’. It’s a new life created by you and your partner, nurtured for in your belly and under your care can become the best they can be. If you ever felt this way, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s such a noble calling and a little bub with a very supportive family and ever-present mother is so lucky – and they don’t even know it yet! (By the way, I’ve worked as a babysitter for years and have cared for relatives’ babies and whatnot, just as a disclaimer. I know exactly what having a baby is like and not simply a fantasy. I love all the joys and the challenges.)

Don’t feel ashamed, girls. What society likes to think and force upon others shouldn’t have to apply to you.

Not at all. You’re your own woman with full control of your own aspirations.

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