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Pretty Lady, Don’t Be Sad


What has saddened me lately is learning the fact that (at least in America) women now are more unhappy than ever.

This study had shown that over the last few decades women’s contentment have sunken to a new low and stress levels are at their highest. Now I don’t want to assume this with every woman but this speaks for many. Stress brings about so many issues and now women are more affected by it than ever- it’s simply horrible.

If you look at the dates you might just notice a strange correlation. The highest levels of happiness recorded are around the seventies, just at the beginning (or near the beginning) of the rise of second wave feminism. Masses of women were encouraged by he movement to show independence and join the workforce…but since then, our happiness has only lessened consistently.

I have an idea as to why. Married women are now burdened with work, of course they get tired from work, and men are still working. Now not only do they have to worry about work all day, women also have to worry about the house and their husbands. Before they would have been able to care for the house (and/or children) all day, with no other stresses, and attend to their husband after his tiring day at work. Now both of them are tired, there isn’t even as much time left for the house- no one is being really attended to after a day at work. So much for loving support. I won’t even get started on the care of children, that’s for another post.

Talk about having more ‘independence’! Women are now pushed and stressed to their limits more than ever before and it has horrible consequences. Our depression levels are through the roof compared to forty years ago.

Women, we may feel like we have to do it all. You can share all the duties you want but it won’t change the fact there will be two working people, two tired people and no one rested enough to attend to anyone. You shouldn’t be made to feel like you have to work, look after the house, children and your partner all at the same time (I don’t even think that men deserve that either, no one does!). It’s alright to just have them as your duties without full time employment. I’m talking about social attitudes, you don’t have to listen to everyone else’s opinion.

You don’t have to listen at all.


PS. As for economically, governments need to put a living wage into action again and I’ll go into that in the second part of this post.

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