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My Fair Lady, Where Art Thou?


There is a reason why this blog has the word ‘traditional’ on the very tag line. Because what I say is based on tradition.
Women nowadays have lost so much of their ladylike qualities and femininity to the point that they’re almost just like men.

It is a horror show to see all the manners and etiquette of modern women all around me. Now let me just be honest, I am not fully a lady myself. I did not even realise how unladylike I’ve been and now I’ve changed that. I still think I have a little more of the way to go. Just to note, I have met some ladylike women, but I can count the figure with one hand and nearly all of them are over 50 years old.

The reason why I and so many other women have grown up to be so unladylike is because of how vulgar society has become. In the relentless pursuit of ‘equality’, practising ladylike qualities has become labelled sexist and falsely portrayed as a sign of weakness. I have brief memories of my grandmother and mother telling me to sit like a lady and talk properly, but that soon faded away as more Western ideals took over when we moved to Australia.

Just be yourself- that’s the motto I soon began to be raised under. Be the strong woman you are and express yourself however you want to.

The problem with that is the fact that that’s how animals are. They express themselves just naturally, they don’t practise restraint or proper manners. Humans are supposed to be above animals (the irony), and as women are the fairer sex, we must all the more strive to be beautiful and ladylike.

It is now commonplace to see women being uncouth, after all they weren’t taught ladylike femininity properly. Swearing in public. Shouting in hysteria. Sitting with their legs wide open. Heckling loudly. There’s so many more in this list.

The fact is it’s disgraceful. It makes men look at us like we’re another man. Not someone to be valued and respected but just a buddy to fool around with. Now your family and bestest friends might be the exception, these are the people who know you best after such a long time, they will always accept you. Of course there are also times you relax and let go after a very stressful day or if you’re overjoyed every once in a while. I’m not saying that these attitudes will ruin all friendships and relationships with men, but changing your manner to become more graceful and ladylike in general will definitely earn you more respect and admiration in any type of relationship.

You don’t have to become a lady from the Victorian Era. A few new gestures and changes in manner are definitely are all it takes to open up a whole world of positive interactions.

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