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To My Fellow Women: Think For Yourself


No, this is not some feminist rant to inspire you to empower yourself—

—well it might be. But one thing is that it’s not really feminist. Maybe first-wave feminist, but I don’t want the F-label on this.

The ‘fact’ that the media and the economy sells to you- that the only way forward for you is a career…is a complete lie.

I have spoken to many women myself and it took a long conversation for me to even hear the truth about their desire to be a housewife. To be able to care for their homes. To be with their children instead of handing them off to a surrogate. I know you women are out there.

A career is not the only way forward for all women. Some women, yes. Not all women are the same and I understand that, but it always has been a minority. You know who really benefits and moves forward from your career?

1. The government who gets so much more from your tax, spending it on who-knows-what half the time.

2. Big businesses. Companies that used to have to pay a breadwinner so much more for his day’s work, but now can pay workers much less for the work needed because the working population has doubled. More profit for them.

3. The real estate businesses. The more women work, the more they can choose to live on their own (also due to societal pressure). When more people rent or get housing on their own, the demand increases and real estate can up their prices and get the dough rolling in.

Ladies. If you’ve always worked for the sake of working, because this is simply ‘the next step’ that everyone told you about, stop thinking like they are and think for yourself. Stop thinking of yourself as just a piece of market value. No matter how empowered you think you are, in the end you really are just a slave to your boss and company. There is no ‘real’ independence, because you’re more dependent on money and the economy than family.

So what am I saying? It’s okay to live with family. It’s okay to live in the same house and save for the future, it’s okay to help your family. You’re not a ‘slob’ or a ‘leech’ if you are helping your family and staying with them. Or even if you’re just working part time. Call it being a slave to your family, fine, but isn’t that a much worthier cause rather than those greedy groups?

Whether it is to your own family or a new one of your own, it doesn’t matter. It is a noble cause to serve your loved ones and especially, your husband and children. Think outside the tight box that the feminists like to call ‘empowerment’ and ‘independence’. The irony! Many say the economy makes it impossible to have a family with one income and guess what? Changes need to be made.

Reforms need to be made to the government to put families and children with homemakers first. Greater wages should be given to family men who have a loving home and young children who depend on their care. This is the next generation we are talking about and they need a parent to be there, they need guidance and closeness, not surrogate care and a hectic and stressful life.

Think for yourself and what you truly, truly want, ladies. Fight for it and fight for change. No matter what society or the media says. I know you are out there, having been shamed for enjoying beautifying your home, cooking wholesome meals and caring about the welfare of your children. Being a homemaker is more than just a job, it is a virtuous calling whose value cannot ever be measured by just money.

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