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Feminism And Ugly Women: What?!


Strangely enough, my father had brought up something interesting while we were having a lengthy discussion about feminism.

Do you think modern feminism, the wave from the 60s, was just made by the ugly women?

I almost laughed it off. Absurd! I have been researching and reading on feminism, its initial benefits and the destructive pattern it started taking on later on. It sounded like a bad joke on feminism, that only ugly women would like it because of the poor taste. Nowadays, I admit many beautiful women, especially celebrities, are feminists. Though I still think most of them are quite the unattractive, unladylike type, I know there are attractive ones.

But then— zoom back to the 60s and 70s to the very grassroots of the second wave of feminism. You have figures like Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer and Andrea Dworkin. Just look and think about it— cringe-worthy, really. Definitely, to me they’re very unattractive, plain ugly.

Okay, so they were ugly, what does that have to do with feminism? Maybe just about everything. My father answered with a slight laugh.

“They were the ugly ones no man wanted to marry and have as a housewife. They probably once wanted the comfy life, but because they’re ugly, their personalities are ugly- no man wanted them. So they pushed the feminist movement not for other women, but just to use other women to get more power and leverage in the system. To get revenge on men.”

Well, goodness! It all clicked into place for me. Mind you, this is at best a theory, but doesn’t it make so much sense? It has long been proven that women enjoyed being homemakers for the most part, they enjoyed it, pre-feminist movement. That is a fact schools don’t teach, sadly, because it is against the liberal, feminist agenda.

Maybe these women did, or secretly once did, but because they look like train wrecks and act like savages, no man was idiotic enough to fall for it.

The saddest part?

If this is true, then these ugly grassroots feminists just used other women for their own ulterior motives. They don’t really care about other women. They just want more power and money, they’re no different to corrupt politicians that rip off the general populace.

They deserve much worse than just being abandoned by men. Much, much worse.

10 thoughts on “Feminism And Ugly Women: What?!

  1. youve been brainwashed too, just on the other side of the spectrum and from the looks of it by your father (youre just too dumb to realize it) keep baking those cupcakes sweetheart. im sure they will bring you solace when your husband leaves you for some 20 year old once you show any signs of hitting the wall. LOL


    1. Oh I like baking actually, I like to bake thinking about how pathetic feminists’ divorce rates are tragically higher than for us conservatives. Are you sure you aren’t talking about yourself, or do you hate men too much?
      Oh honey I’m Asian, I’ll look gorgeous and 20 when I’m 50.

      (Coming from somebody called ‘clop’3? Really?)


  2. at least feminists know when to leave a marriage instead of “stickin it out for da keedzz” like you conservatards. lol @ staying married with some loser like thats something to be proud of. yes please get back in the kitchen and stay there bc you clearly lack basic common sense. i cant with these submissive chinks mygod


    1. Well, the validity of anything that you have had to say has disappeared right along with your ability to communicate in anything but broken English. I might be a chink, but I apparently, I can actually write properly.


    2. Haha! Really? You don’t know when to leave, you’re all just selfish and drop anyone that’s not useful to you anymore.
      Yes because conservatives have hearts and care about their children, not a hole in their chest.
      I’ll watch you become alone and desperate from my kitchen while happily baking cupcakes.

      Shouldn’t you be getting back to your sad pony porn?


      1. well unlike you im not looking to seek validation from a SO, i actually wouldnt mind if i ended up alone. im not going to make a fucking blog about it rofl i can practically smell your desperation through the screen no wonder u want kids so bad nobody would willingly put up with ur thirsty ass


      2. Of course you don’t, you’re selfish and that’s why you will end up growing old with wine bottles, pills and many cats, I blog to inspire women so they don’t become sad, loner basketcases like you. I actually have a higher purpose beyond just myself and I actually care about others, family and loved ones, because no amount of money and feminist-whining will ever bring that sort of happiness.

        Ooh, you must be an ugly one to be this horrid- sorry the article hit a nerve!

        Your sexy ponies must be getting lonely now without you.


  3. I’m so sorry you have such a rude commenter already soiling the lovely atmosphere you are trying to create here!

    I think my husband has expressed much the same thought as your father on some of the roots of the nastier side of feminism. I do believe some injustices needed to be righted (like not trapping women in domestic abuse). It is sad that fathers, brothers, and sons didn’t step up sooner to right that wrong. I think the overall secular swing in society at that time took away the sense of purpose for many women in the home. They felt reduced to being a house maid and pretty face/object. This left the door wide open to believe the lies that somehow easy sex and a paycheck bring meaning to a woman’s life. Now we have a mess in most homes and many women feel stuck working jobs outside, missing the precious few years they could have with their children, and in poor health with no one to make healthful food for the family. Very sad!


    1. It’s alright, even in a porcelain room you will always come across some filth. This is a warm, welcoming space for women who nurture and care.

      It’s actually quite interesting that other people are thinking this way already. I agree with you wholeheartedly, there will always be cruel men (and women) who abuse their wives and definitely they need to be punished. I noticed as time went by and women become more independent, family connections become more loose, and so the brothers and fathers may not even know about the abuse so they can’t step in. For me, I find it quite immoral that once the woman’s purpose was stomped on and taken away, it was just monetized right after. Which basically means society chose money over family values and time together. No amount of money will ever bring back time with children and making wholesome meals for the family, you’re right!


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