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Missing Home: Dreaming Of Homemaking Once Again


I guess this is an odd thing to admit.

This is what children, especially teenagers whine about. This is what a lot of adults try to avoid. This is what most people somewhat dread.

I miss my housework.

I miss having the proper time to thoroughly sweep the house then mop the floors, taking care of every single stain. I miss getting to dust the shelves without rushing or already feeling drained after a day at work. Or sacrificing time off my weekend just to get a chance.

I miss arranging the decor in my house, replacing elements every now and then, watching it all come together. As for cooking? I miss spending hours upon hours several times a week making elaborate dishes. Not quick-bite recipes that are basically watered down versions of traditional meals. Simply because society and the greedy economy thinks all these things that make a home beautiful and full of life are ‘idle’. ‘Useless’. A sign of oppression. What’s useful to them is for you to keep working to pay for their increasing bills, prices and costs, as your house becomes more and more empty. Your family more neglected.

I think about this everyday at work. Of course, it is a fair argument that life is meant to be challenging and we are not meant to have it easy. Throughout history, people have dealt with much more troubles than neglecting their home.

But isn’t the point of a better future to have a comfortable life? Not an increasingly stressful life that is spent less and less at home?

A house may just be a building, but it is the loving time and effort that you give to it that makes it a home. The family that nurtures each other within its walls makes it a home.

I have come to realise that when I was a mere student and was barely at university that my time performing chores at home has led to some of the greatest feelings of fulfilment that I’ve ever had. No job or office can ever compare to it. The warm, familiar feeling of being surrounded by your home all day and knowing everyday you’re constantly maintaining and improving it.

I just miss it so much, maybe I took it for granted.

6 thoughts on “Missing Home: Dreaming Of Homemaking Once Again

  1. As a homemaker, I am encouraged when I see posts like this. There is hope for the future families as women learn to value the home. Families could be so much better if homemaking made a true comeback. Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. You’re welcome! This is so wonderful to see, sanctum5! I think us women who value homemaking should really stand together and encourage each other. A lot of liberalism is about isolating people and pressuring them to spend less time with family.


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