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Ladylike Pursuits: Domestic Creativity & Community Under Threat


Today, I’ve been reading one of my favourite blogs, Adventures In Keeping House, which is written by the amazing Sanne.

It is actually one of the blogs that has inspired me to start That Stepford Gal. Sanne is a loving housewife herself with wonderful values and a great talent for taking care of her husband and household.

In her post, The Disappearance Of Feminine Hobbies, she discusses and laments the growing oppression and social hostility towards feminine crafts such as knitting and stitching as well as feminine homemaking activities. As a young, unmarried woman who enjoys such creative pursuits and the like, I noticed the way such hobbies are now perceived by society. It seems to be ‘fine’ if you do out of work hours, albeit a little ‘nerdy’ but if that is what you do as part of homemaking, suddenly you’re deemed useless and idle.

What nonsense!

This concept of idleness is simply a sloppy label used by liberals to label any proper hobby that happens to not bring the $$$. A shallow label, indeed.

Thanks to Sanne, I actually realised that there is so much more to homemaking than just housework or cooking. It was time used to built great friendships with neighbours (when was the last time somebody you knew did that?), reading books and studying as well as participating in community groups.

Parents clubs. Charities. Community news. Crafts clubs.

Speaking as someone in their early 20s, none of my work colleagues even know about any of those things! These are activities that strengthen creativity, the community and the ties between neighbours and friends. Our society has really developed into a liberal, lonesome one where only what you (materially) want matters. Only the money you make and what you buy for yourself matters. Only how big your house is and how many holidays you’ve had matters.

Not the state of your home. The wellbeing of and bonding between you and your children. Or the care of your spouse. Or what you can create without expecting money.

We really have to start thinking outside the liberal box, beyond just ourselves.

No wonder we’re getting lonelier and downing more pills.

17 thoughts on “Ladylike Pursuits: Domestic Creativity & Community Under Threat

  1. I’ve always realized that any culture can’t exist merely as individuals – despite what modernity has been trying to do. It has to be an entire community of like-minded people, much like how animals survive because the habitat accommodated them.

    What liberals have done is essentially to bulldoze any other cultures and replace it with a kind of gray uniformity where everyone can be equal in his or her misery.


    1. That was well put! The media always loves to portray this as an ideal but the costs are heavy.
      The costs to mental and emotional health especially, which has only been on the rise no matter how much we advance in treatment and meds.


  2. Hello, Alex. I discovered you via Sanne posting about your blog. I’ve read through all your posts so far and have enjoyed them. The illustrations with each post are just darling.

    I’m all for feminism regarding women not needing a husband or father to co-sign for loans, credit cards, etc.; equal pay for equal work while taking into account education, experience. But in most matters, it seems feminism is anti-feminine and pushes women to be men with vaginas in essence. I’m in my mid-50s now and even in my teens I realized this. Instead of elevating the womanly arts and motherhood (what is more female than motherhood anyway?) along with pushing for equality in the work-place and in financial matters, feminism has denigrated those things more scornfully than the male of the species IMO.


    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks so much for reading through my blog, I’m glad you like it! I really try to keep a glamorous and vintage feel.

      I think feminism has achieved equality a long time ago, there are no constraints women anymore like you had mentioned. But you are very much right, women have become copies of men but with makeup and are not valued anymore for their femininity. Instead of valuing and preserving their complimentary aspects, society is positioning them to compete against each other instead. No wonder most marriages end up in train wrecks in the West! It’s just all about money. Women need to be valued as mothers and nurturers again, as most of them actually are/want to be. Feminism has suppressed that.


  3. I get judgment for my love of the feminine arts a lot, of course to the naysayers I always say “you won’t laugh once you taste my heavenly rice crispie treats’ 100% of the tasters stop laughing 🙂 Also handicrafts such as sewing, quilting, stitching are amazing and therapeutic


    1. They are just wonderful and I don’t understand the stigma associated with them. There is so much value in things that are homemade, a lot more than just money-bought things..


      1. I meant exactly what I said. It’s pretty plainly spoken.

        The devaluation of homemaking, community, etc, is a bipartisan issue that effects both sides and isn’t a purely isolated “liberal” issue.


      2. I’m confused how you don’t think you made it about Liberals vs Conservatives (at least in a minute manner, no matter how unintentional) when you, in multiple areas of the article, explicitly mention liberals- at least twice or which were in a manner that places the issue squarely in their court (“This concept of idleness is simply a sloppy label used by liberals” and “Our society has really developed into a liberal, lonesome one”).


      3. You’re right, actually. I haven’t read this in a while and I notice what you’re pointing out. When I wrote this last year, I had a different view of liberalism and conservatism and now I have moved farther away from conservatism, at least financial conservatism (I have a more recent post about this) since I have realised conservatives can be paranoid when it comes to finance and still find their own reasons to look down on traditional ladylike pursuits and value more money-earning from females from their conservative paranoia.

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