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Stop Mocking Vintage Fashion: Hipsters And Rockabilly Wannabes


For many of those who live in Melbourne, it is a common sight to see hipsters and rockabilly/alternative women around. The hipster look being the stereotypical flannel shirt, flamboyantly large beard, suspenders and dress pants. Bonus points for having the sheep farmer hat too.
As for the rockabilly ‘ladies’, the outfit consists of a rockabilly dress (with the oddest ‘edgy’ patterns), heels, vintage roll hairstyles, but the hair colour is probably some spectrum of the rainbow. Additionally, there’s the barrage of tattoos all over their skin, bonus points for piercings.

I can confidently say nearly all the individuals dress like are liberal/feminist/cuck individuals, which really is the kicker for me.

They dress (or at least attempt and fail rather miserably) to a vintage style, when their beliefs and the way they act contradict plenty of the values of that time. By that, I mean strongly contradict. These values are mainly traditional gender roles, femininity and homemaking as well as men being strong breadwinners.

One question that I keep asking myself is: Why do they it?

Seriously, why?

I understand personal style, everyone has their own quirk and unique sense of identity, but why are nearly all the individuals who dress like this have such a liberal political view and attitude towards life? Interestingly, there is an exception.

Me. I dress in a vintage style, though I actually do so accurately. My dress patterns don’t resemble rehashed gift wrapper designs and I certainly do not have an overly odd hair colour. The dresses have a flare but come in classic colours with more typical styles, very much like the wardrobe Lucy has from I Love Lucy. I wear the traditional A-line skirts as well as dainty shirts with a high waist tuck. In my full outfits, I actually do look like I’ve been pulled right out of the 40s/50s suburbia.


Not some 50s mental institution that gives rainbow hair dye and tattoo pens to its patients willy-nilly.

Which makes me think, if these people are not bothering to be accurate and it’s not their own personal style (they are riding a hipster trend), then why do they do it?

The only theory I can come up with is that they are purposely changing and ruining classic vintage styles to mock the era and the values it had. I admit that not all values in the Western 50s were good (ahem, shocking mentally ill people and homosexuals are a no-no!), but some of its good values are the importance of family, taking the time for the care of children and women and men working with their natural talents. I will readily join anyone who opposes the bad values, but by destroying the class of vintage fashion, they are also spitting on the face of its good values.

Well, to them, family values and children as a priority probably don’t matter. Not surprisingly.

What matters to them is hating on men, discouraging family, abandoning children and only serving their own selfish wants. Oh, and money. At least plenty of the people from the 40s and 50s are not here to see all this horror.

What is it with these liberals and feminists turning everything they touch into something ugly?

3 thoughts on “Stop Mocking Vintage Fashion: Hipsters And Rockabilly Wannabes

  1. Many people probably lack a sense of individuality (or practicality, for that matter) and are compelled to either conform to, or take from, the style of others. They may be seen as copycats; a result of monkey see, monkey do, mob mentality, peer pressure, etc. Not only that, the “usurped” vintage (and even modern) styles become a flamboyant mishmash of hodgepodge. It’s like a wild Halloween lifestyle, playing dress-up every day to seek egocentric attention. Valuing form over function is a sign of materialism and superficiality, which in this case seems indicative of self-identity issues, shallowness, or other untreated mental health conditions. Personal observation and experience has revealed emotional instability in those who look and behave like gaudy, outlandish caricatures of so-called classic Americana — whether they’re mocking or trying to honor the clichés. The subculture of counterculture seem like a cliché in and of itself. Let the wannabe burlesque or strongman circus “freaks” have their fun, they’re not harming anyone with their choices of clothing or body modifications. The same goes for steampunks, pin-ups, and wartime factory workers.

    Any sexist or extreme “liberal” values, if expressed, however, should be questioned and challenged… but there should be no direct correlation drawn between such deplorable values and a person’s fashion sense, for there are also many extreme “conservative” people who adopt similar styles. Extremism or imbalance should be corrected, not celebrated.

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    1. I apologise, I didn’t get a notification for this! You make a very good point there, in the sense people will just look for a sense of belonging to attach to instead of forming their own.
      The irony is they really have become so popular, they’ve stopped being the counter culture.
      Anything should be questioned and the logic or fact behind it checked.


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