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Dear Lefties, Please Stop Ruining Christmas


It’s that time of the year again.

When everyone is normally worrying about last minute presents, getting any extra decorations and planning all the dishes for the family dinner or lunch.

Not many holidays can even compare to the cheer that surrounds Christmas.

Christmas itself is a mishmash of different cultures and stories put together, but generally, most of its elements are now Christian. Celebrating the birth of Jesus (though I know the dates can be debated) seems to be the centre of it all, while good values have been added in from other cultures and countries.

You have Saint Nicholas or Santa who is originally European and his story is much younger than the nativity, you have flying reindeer, yuletide traditions such as mistletoe and whatnot. The core values are love, salvation (for the religious) and giving with a happy heart. That really is what Christmas is about.

It’s not a ‘Happy Holiday’. To say such a thing is actually downgrading the joy and togetherness of the spirit of Christmas. There are many holidays in a year already, but there is only one Christmas. It’s that time of the year in most Western countries where people do really get plenty of time to get together with their families, surprise each other with great presents (well, most of the time) and catch up. There is simply a general aura of cheery happiness- you can even sense it in the sweet Christmas carols.

Yes…as you can guess by now, I loooove Christmas.

It’s not just some holiday, as the lefties would love to have us label it to pander to minority religions and sensitive feelings (boohoo).

We are in the West, where Christianity has been the foundation of many Western countries for a long time. While it isn’t always pleasant, Christmas is one amazing thing that came from it and is here to stay. Don’t let them take such a great thing away just because a few people don’t quite like it. Guess what? There’s a thing we call respect and if they live in a Western country with these foundations, they should know well enough to give its traditions a bit of respect.

They don’t have to celebrate Christmas and of course you shouldn’t force them to. However, when it comes to greetings? Have a little bit of decency and respect a holiday by calling it by its true name. Names are powerful and meanings are attached to them, lefties don’t have the right to soil the meaning of Christmas by replacing it with a general term such as ‘holiday’.

Oh and you know what else? I’m not even Christian. I’m not religious at all and I love Christmas. I can recognise how it benefits society and brings people together, I love the cheer of it all. I have religious relatives who really would rather me be religious too, but I don’t sit there and demand for them to change Christmas according to my beliefs.

I’ll never ever just say ‘Happy Holiday’ during Christmas. I’ll call it what it is, so deal with it.

4 thoughts on “Dear Lefties, Please Stop Ruining Christmas

    1. Yes! Yes I did! I spent it with my close family and extended family as well, no lefties involved.
      The carols were booming, we had some beautiful Christmas scented candles, the lights were glowing. It’s hot here during Christmas so there’s no snow but I was cool with that! 🙂
      How was yours?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, I can’t imagine hot weather at Christmas! I live in the northern Midwest (U.S.) where it’s winter 7 months out of the year! Haha… Yes, we had a beautiful Christmas. Thank you! I’m still enjoying your blog! I check in regularly! 🙂


      2. That’s the norm here in Australia, surfing Santa and the sand, haha. That sounds too cold for me, just thinking about gives me shivers but…it must look so good to have a white Christmas!
        Aww thank you for reading! I hope to keep writing things that will interest you 🙂 I will write another post on New Years so keep an eye out


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