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New Year’s Resolutions: Less SJW, More Glam


Everybody is always complaining about how overrated New Year’s Resolutions are: they’re cliche, corny and are almost always never followed anyway.

Which is, to an extent, quite true. Really, it is.

However I think it is simply because people assign a certain feeling to the resolution, a ‘refreshing’ feeling that usually only last on the first month of the year. Great (not really). So what I tend to do is to pick my resolutions, resolutions that are needed, resolutions I know that I will think of throughout the year if I hadn’t actually done them as it would become problematic.

Basically I ask myself, in situations this year would I wish I (insert resolution here) instead? If the answer is yes, I add it to my resolutions list.

So let’s get down to it, what are my New Year Resolutions?

  1. Lose a little weight: I did gain a couple of unwanted kilos and since I like having my weight at about 47kg, I just want that magic number again. From 50 to 47, thank you.
  2. Slowly grow my vintage dress collection: These dresses are timeless and amazing, so I need to set aside money for a new one every month. Not too much, not too little.
  3. Speak out for others: As a woman and a coloured (Asian) one too, I hate seeing white men being shut down (except you, Gavin McInnes because you are amazing!) so when they are being insulted or slammed labels by crazy feminists, I’ll jump right in with my great score of oppression points.

I think this is downright manageable for me. Nothing like total transformations or whatnot, we all know this is unrealistic for most people. I’m no Wonder Woman (more like an Eleanor of Aquitaine), especially now she’s become a feminist dumping ground. We all know one movie I am not going to see this year.

Many people will think that 2016 was a horrible year and in some terms it was. The left would love to say it’s the most horrible year in the history of mankind (because they know nothing about history, really) but it really isn’t. A wonderful man won the US election, the Brexit happened and I would say the Right is definitely starting to turn the tide. Counter-mainstream media is only growing, media like Breitbart and Rebel Media are becoming more popular, as well as a number of Youtube channels that speak against the left in general and feminism. Australia is definitely a lot more liberal than the US and we don’t have anything like those media outlets here, not to that extent anyway. So for those who live in the US, I envy your political climate!

2017 is starting to look quite bright, even if the annoying Liberals are still being noisy and whining about it in the background. Set your goals, think about your values and approach the new year with wonderful intentions.

Happy New Year, everyone!

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Less SJW, More Glam

  1. I love reading your posts. Esp funding out bow that you’re an Asian Australian. Real cool…I know there’s many who think like you. Shame that y’all don’t get much more media attention!


    1. Thank you! 🙂
      A lot of people would assume I’m white and privileged or something but I like to dispel the assumptions. I hope there are many, one day we will get some media attention.


      1. Hopefully 🙂 I’m kind of a homemaker in a way, willingly gave up my job to help my elderly great grandparents, I do the cooking, cleaning, nursing love it. I think that’s why your blog spoke to me so to speak


  2. So am I at the moment! Let go from work and now helping my single parent family 🙂 I might be studying soon as well but only part time so I have time to properly maintain the home and cook! Caring for family is so fulfilling


    1. Finally someone who gets that! So many blogs criticize my choice with this, so again yours us a breath of fresh air! I found a purpose this way, I have a very feminine personality even if that seems like a stereotype but u don’t mind, I find showing my love for my family is fulfilling to me. So I think no one should judge that.


      1. You should probably leave those blogs behind. It takes a certain maturity to truly realise what matters in life and that is time with family. The more you care for family the stronger the bond is, you’re less likely to give in to materialism, liberalism and loneliness. Face it, the government only sees you as a tax pig, you can be so much more than that.


  3. I agree with so many of your thoughts (I haven’t read them all yet)! I hope you keep your blog up for a long time. I myself am a Mexican woman raised in the U.S., but I hold to very traditional and conservative values. Being against feminism can be so lonely in this society…even within one’s own family!

    For example, I left one of my Phyllis Shlafly books laying around the house and my teenage sister spotted it. She was horrified (don’t you know Shlafly was against rights for women?!). Apparently that woman is demonized in public schools. I honestly had no idea! Yet another reason why I’m homeschooling my own children.

    Anyway, I found your blog through the What’s Wrong With Equal Rights one, which is a personal favorite of mine.


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    1. I’m glad to hear and yes I do plan to keep this blog for a long time! 🙂
      It can be very alienating to be a conservative woman nowadays, since we are expected to be feminists especially as women of colour. I think that is just controlling and disgusting!
      I haven’t read much of her work yet but I do know of her and her views, here in Australia they don’t teach her at all! Though it is a little creepy how social justice topics are now starting to be taught in high schools, it didn’t back in my days..
      I hope you find more of my thoughts to agree with and that you continue to enjoy my blog 🙂


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