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Hey Miss!: Why I Have Decided To Become A Teacher


There’s something about me that I think I haven’t shed much light on yet- one of the things I love doing the most is teaching.


Simply because there are so very few roles in the world that involves so much nurturing and caring. I myself also consider myself a very ‘nerdy’ person, I love learning new things and teaching new things as well. There are also many nurture/care roles such as nursing or even childcare, childcare is already so much like teaching while I am simply hopeless when it comes to science or medicine.

So now, I stopped working in the corporate office and have enrolled to study the Masters of Teaching this coming year.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved teaching. At the age of ten I set up my own little whiteboard and some markers and taught my then toddler sister how to read and write.

Really. I had even handwritten her tests (serious ‘exams’) and marked them myself.

There were plenty of bouts of crying and stomping off in between, whenever she was feeling overwhelmed or just wanted to give up or was simply having a tantrum. I bared the brunt of it all and kept going. I even ended up teaching her some basic science using my old textbooks. My parents were so proud when she showed them a piece of paper with oddly-sized letters spelling her name perfectly for the very first time. From that moment, I knew that teaching was all the more worth it.

The funniest thing is, despite the many careers I’ve had dabbled interests in in the past, I never really realised how much I liked teaching. I was a babysitter for a while as well and I knew I loved taking care of the home and children, but I had forgotten about teaching. That is, until I started university and also began tutoring on the side, both in private and in groups. Teaching groups of children all day felt natural to me, tiring as well, but at the end of the day I was happy. Time passed fast.

This is a happiness I never felt while working in corporate Melbourne. Where the hours slowly trickled by, my mind was numb from the lack of interest and I felt miserable every time I went in, I even dreaded it. As dark as those days were, I really learned some valuable lessons.

I learned the truth about corporate life for me, it is usually (not always) a hedonistic, materialistic lifestyle that puts nurturing and caring for others last. It hardly suits women.
I learned what callings I truly enjoyed- homemaking, writing creatively and teaching.
I learned not to put up with abuse in the workplace and to stand up for myself.
I learned not to just take any role I get and to follow what I love, even if it is difficult.
I learned that even if society usually idealises living that way, I don’t have to subscribe to that at all.

Living my life with my values at the forefront is what matters most.

So now I look forward to making marking rubrics once more, setting down classroom rules, correcting homework and trying to write neatly on a board once again. Oh, and of course interacting with kids of so many personalities, styles and abilities.

And boy do I feel excited!

2 thoughts on “Hey Miss!: Why I Have Decided To Become A Teacher

  1. Now that sounds great. Even if becoming a SAHM is your final goal, you must do something for living when you are waiting for the mr. One-And-Only. 🙂 And it is better to be something that you enjoy doing. And think about the prescious example you can give to the kids if you choose to wear classic and feminine clothes at work and behave like a lady -which you undoubtedly will do and excel in it. 🙂

    It is great that you have the courage to do such a big change in your life. You can be so proud of yourself. Not everybody know what they want and even if they do, they no do not have the courage to make changes.

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    1. Oh thank you! 🙂 That really sparked a warm feeling, I appreciate the support so much!
      It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do besides homemaking, even though I’ve had all this teaching experience basically right in front of me, haha. You have such a great point, I can definitely be a good role model for the kids and especially the little girls, I hope I do so successfully.
      It has been a difficult change for me because I really had to adjust my life, but I have a supportive family, friends and partner and they have been just wonderful. 🙂

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