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Real Men Wanted: $$$ Reward



I definitely do not like feminists, everything they touch, they just seem to ruin.

One of the main things I truly like that they have ruined are…men.

The pillars of our society, the strong and brave who protected us during the wars, faced some of the biggest dangers in life. They fathered our children, protected and provided for us for a long time during most of history. Though they are not all great, as not all people are good people, a lot of them simply tried their best to take care of their families.

Feminists have ruined men by not only babying them, but by also not teaching them about responsibility and being tough.

Now look, I’m not talking about gays, or non-straights. I’m talking about men who are actually attracted to women, since if they’re not…well the whole point has gone out of the window. They’re not the sort of men that would have a traditional family, so it’s not my area and as is my policy I won’t step into that.

I’m straight, I like men and so that is the territory I will speak about. There are a few factors that are concerning about men being even more feminised. I’m sure almost every woman would nod in agreement if you ever ask them if they’ve met a man who was just irresponsible, lazy, lacking drive and simply does not have any initiative to protect and provide. In fact, I’m sure they would even nod several times. There’s so many men that fit that bill right there, and there’s more than there ever was. This is worrying.

Of course there are factors such as a limited job market with a larger number of people needing to work (thanks to feminism, too) and a difficult economy. I understand that, but at the same time if you live in a Western country there are so many trade-offs you wouldn’t have in the past that makes life easier. Advanced technology, healthcare, better medicine and even support systems (counselling, etc). Even with all this, plenty of modern men are just not showing much potential or achievement, no matter their field. Women are actually outdoing them.

Here are the reasons I think this had happened.

1. Feminism has pushed independence for women so far that the basic of narrative has been converted to women having to prove they ‘don’t need men’ all the time. Most women are happier in a relationship, especially when men do take care of them. However, men are now getting the message that women can do everything and they are useful for nothing. So they stop trying, to ‘let women soar’ and when it comes to a relationship, it only boils down to disappointment. Why? Because innately women still want their men to be strong and capable, married women who stay at home have a better chance against divorce and couples with a female breadwinner are a large percentage of divorces.

2. Men are being beaten down all the time and shamed for being men. When men attain high positions and power, especially when they’re white- they’re patriarchal and sexist. When they show toughness and bravado, they’re labelled insensitive and brutish. When they act like a protective gentleman, they’re suddenly oppressive and demeaning to women. The whole ‘Oh I want a sensitive man in touch with his emotional side’ crap is something I heard from women all around me growing up. Now we have all these overly sensitive men (like hipsters and absolute beta males) who have no backbone, no aspirations and basically becomes like a son you have to take care of. We all know which is the better choice to pick.

3. Oh and men? You also let this happen, by letting feminism and its women walk all over you. I understand some of you simply wanted to make more women happy by going along with it, but it still brought about some horrible consequences. Just saying.

When I say a proper man, I don’t mean Lumberjack Joe and his big pack of tools who loves chopping wood in the mountains and working in proper construction. It’s more than that surface.

Being a man means taking care of your woman and family, protecting them and supporting them. Being responsible for your duties and working through them.

What is a woman? A woman also takes care of her man, appreciates him and their family, and nurtures and cares for them. She is the light of the home, a source of positivity, warmth and comfort.

These compliment and are truly equal. Equal in importance. Equal in values.

Not the hogwash ‘equality’ feminism has been spouting out for decades.

4 thoughts on “Real Men Wanted: $$$ Reward

  1. Very good post! I whole-heartedly agree! Liberals don’t seem to understand the difference between equality and sameness. You are right, Men and Women are equal in value and in worth, but they are not the SAME!

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  2. I’m not sure if it is actually possible to opposite feminism as men, at least in any sort of organized manner. The mores of modern society and the emphasis on unrestrained individuality all make it close to impossible. The only countries that manage it are either hugely religious, or basically have a shadow cabal that avoids modern government apparatus in order to continue to sabotage the infiltration of feminist groups.

    But in short, feminism works group because its effectively cancer. It tries to force as many women as possible to “benefit” from it, usually by insisting that they get into a previously male-dominated job. Once someone has done so, she has basically been forced to signal that she, too, is a feminist because after all, she is now doing something they want, and otherwise she would have to reject the time and effort she put in. There are darker ways about it, too.

    Its basically the “foot-in’ effect, and its very powerful. Social Matters explored this as well, and its very rare for women to break from the indoctrination. The author there equated it to basically how child soldiers are made – once their handlers made them kill, then the children must identify with their soldier and handler role. Forever.


    1. I understand that, but the thing is most of the figures of the day in politics and power were men. They had to approve for these things to come to pass. They let the laws come to abolish the living wage, they gave coverage to feminist protesters. You are right about feminism recruiting and grooming women and that in itself is horrible, now they feel feminism is the natural and normal thing. I’ve been through that, growing up in liberal Australia and being from an immigrant family that wanted to ‘fit in better’, which only resulted in disaster. Feminism needs to be nipped at the bud.


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