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When Liberals Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine


Some of you may know of the figure Milo Yiannopoulos, he is a famous provocateur and political speaker who is conservative and gay. I just love this guy, someday maybe we can go shopping together (it’s one of my life dreams).

He was due to speak UC Berkeley and basically had to cancel because liberals had basically rioted at the campus (attacked people, damaged property, started fires) against him. Basically, his right to free speech was interfered with at the very place that was considered to be the birth place of ‘free speech’ decades ago. A lot of free speech activism happened there. The irony of it all!

Though enough about the basics, what really struck me is the main complaint of many of the liberals nowadays. They feel they have to riot to have their (overly mainstream) views heard and they feel threatened that their views are being questioned and even countered.
It’s just hilarious, because that is basically the precursor to them fearing they could possibly be suppressed for their views, harassed or even shamed. For being liberal.

Case in point, the recent speech (Nasty Woman, which is real nasty) by Ashley Judd during the Women’s March was authored by a 19 year old performer, Nina Donovan. Apparently now she is facing harassment at work and online by Trump supporters. Hearing this just made me chuckle, since this sort of silencing and harassment is something nearly all conservatives consider normal. We have always been against the mainstream liberal that encountering plenty of hate, trying to be shut down and silenced is just a natural response from everyone around us.

I don’t condone harassing anybody for their beliefs, since that is definitely something so stupid and disrespectful (makes sense, since liberals do it so well). However I am not opposed to the other side getting a little taste of their own medicine, so maybe they can realise how unfair it is to be treated this way and for them to remember how important free speech is. Even just for a little while. Then maybe, just maybe (I don’t hold hopes too high) they can start respecting the other side, and more meaningful debates and discussions can be held.

Nobody deserves to be leaving their platform of free speech because of fire, broken glass and sh*t being thrown around. I may frown and wrinkle my nose in disapproval at the nonsensical views of the Left, but I will never pick up a stone and throw it.

You know what would be great, too?

For there to be no more of this dumb rioting and nasty speeches. Seriously, seeing that speech and a lot of the signs at the Women’s March makes me cringe and pretend I’m not a woman, just to distance myself from them. These women are truly nasty, disgusting and should be dipped in holy water and bleach. That’s coming from someone who doesn’t even really believe in religion and holy water!

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