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When You Become So Bitter That You Think Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment


Guess which group of people I’m talking about?


No prizes for any correct guesses, since this is so easy a child can guess it. When it comes to whining about traditional values, feminist harpies are always doing it best.

The author of this HuffPo article, Natalie believes marriage should no longer be considered an achievement compared to all the careers women can have nowadays. Why celebrate matrimony when you can celebrate beating others and a big pay check?

I’m not going to take this point by point, because the whole premise, the foundation of this article is already wrong. Marriage itself is not a career, it is a stage of life. Being a homemaker is a unique career, like many others, but it is not marriage. Marriage is not a job.

The whole article is basically her just moaning about how it sucks to have everyone inquiring about her relationship status. Whether she is married or not, in a relationship or not, or whether she has a new last name or not. It’s basically difficult for me to express myself, but the best way to describe my thoughts are…

…are you this dense?

Are you this stupid?

When people ask about whether you are married or not, they are asking about whether you have reached a milestone and they are not comparing marriage to a career as a sort of accomplishment. People see marriage and career as different types of accomplishments and they are not going to hate you if you have one but not the other. They don’t come in the same package or category. Capische?

These people also ask because they care about you and it is a fact that most people are happier when they aren’t going through life alone. Not all, but most. These people, especially your friends and family are just wondering if you’ve found somebody great you can share your life with and commit to. Marriage can bring happiness, and down to the basic? Most people that are close to you in your life just want you to be happy. It’s one of the things in life that can bring happiness. Gee, it sucks when people care about you, right? Seriously, don’t tell me that these people don’t ask about your job or how your week has been and everything, they don’t live and breathe just to check up on your marital status.

Natalie has one good point that I agree with, a truly big accomplishment is to be able to be in a strong, loving marriage for many years. Of course. That is a bigger achievement than just getting married, since most people nowadays just end up divorced. However, that does not discount that marriage is not an accomplishment. There is some achievement to it- mainly that you have managed to find somebody wonderful, you managed to put in a long term loving commitment and that you managed to have the strength to go through things as a couple that led to this point. Are those not accomplishments?

Now it is up to the woman to pick a great guy (or girl if that’s your thing) as a spouse and have a wonderful marriage. The health of the relationship and marriage rests on both parties putting their love and effort into it.

So that one can turn an achievement such as a marriage into an even bigger accomplishment. That’s why with every decade, marriage anniversaries become even more special and memorable.

Man, I’d hate to be this girl’s fiance. I would have just proposed and the meaning of my actions were just literally slandered online!

Surely I can get the money back for the ring?

4 thoughts on “When You Become So Bitter That You Think Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment

  1. I wonder sometimes how much the clickbait nature of journalism has changed society. The entire HuffPo article felt like the writer wanted to have something shocking to make others click on her article, and then came up with the article later.


  2. Although I don’t necessarily share your views, I wanted to say that you’re a great writer with a beautiful blog and I enjoyed reading about a different perspective! xo


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