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The Big R: Can Everyone Stop Whining About Race Now, Please?

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Did you know? I’m Asian.

I’m full-blooded Asian, though I’m sure some decades ago, I’ve had some mixing. Though for the last couple of generations my family has been pure Asian. Just one type of Asian, to add.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and let me just say it now- there is no racism in Australia. No more than there is in most places, since well, there are jerks everywhere in the world. There will always be real racists anywhere, but the Australian people in general?

Not. Racist.

Have I experienced racism? Yes, from jerks who probably don’t fit in the majority of society. There will always be truly racist people in almost every corner of the world. That incident involved a woman who was high on something muttering nonsense on the bus a couple years back, who I ended up giving some just desserts. It just goes to show what sort of person she is. Aside from that, I haven’t experienced any true racism. Being called a ‘chink’ or ‘ching chong’ is something I have experienced in high school, but I could easily tell the insult was not really because of my race. I was a high achiever in a mostly-white school full of bogans, they didn’t really have any other insult to find to hurl at me! Simply because they didn’t have anything else to pick on, I presented myself well so they couldn’t pick on my image, I had good friends so they couldn’t pick on that.

So they went with the unimaginative option of just using my color. It made me laugh actually, since I reported them to the office, pretending to be teary and ‘offended’ and they were suspended. I was a top student and teachers liked me, it was all too easy. All in all, I knew they didn’t really care about my race, they just had to find something to say.

Aside from these couple of events, I have never experienced discrimination or abuse as a person of color. A woman of color. In fact, I think it was the opposite. I remember in primary school, there were all these ‘Get Girls Into Sports!’ and other programs etc just for girls to get more opportunities with many activities. In arts classes I was actively encouraged to use my cultural background as a theme and I have.

So what is all this bullsh*t about Australia being racist?

Seriously. I’ve received a lot more discrimination and abuse from being an old-fashioned homemaking-type woman. From not being a high-powered career chick.

I will tell you now, as a Person Of Color (using such a PC term makes me cringe), certain races have both good and bad stereotypes. They exist because they had a basis but of course they don’t apply to every single person, because that is common sense. It’s up to you whether you want to be offended by jokes or people who are idiots.

I can tell you the Asians of my own kind are a lot more judgemental than your average Australian. When I came here as a child, I learned a lot about mateship and it was here that I first heard about ‘multiculturalism’. They were actively pushing children to learn different languages, cultures and backgrounds. Back in my old school in Asia, nobody gave a flying f*ck about other cultures. The values of mateship in Australia are all about helping another Aussie in need, no matter their race or background. It’s about giving everyone a fair go (a fair turn) and putting in hard yakka (hard work).

These are great values that I still believe in today!

You would think because of Australia’s immigration history and its population diversity that it’s close to impossible for it to be a racist country. Duh! It isn’t racist and that is simply right. Of course, don’t expect to feel welcome if you can’t even assimilate in Australia. I mean…you come here to be a part of Australia, right? You need to value its values, otherwise you’re just a rude intruder.

You know what’s funny though? All this SJW and Leftie stupidity has brought me one good thing: oppression points. Basically, I can shut down anyone white or male (or both) because I’m an Asian female. So I love giving them a good dose of the truth, that Social Justice is crap and they can’t say anything!

These people are literally just shooting themselves in the foot.

2 thoughts on “The Big R: Can Everyone Stop Whining About Race Now, Please?

  1. What’s amusing is that I affiliate with actual, unrepentant “racists” and they’ve caused me less pain than liberals have. Having jokes about my driving ultimately doesn’t harm me, having people falsely report me and try to get me fired does harm me and my family.


    1. You’re Asian too, right? I know exactly what you mean! Those real racists are few and far between, I was raised in an Asian family that preached toughening up. Words are just words.


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