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The Issue That Gets Christian Greyer Every Year: Get Over A Piece Of Fiction!


Let’s just come out with it.

I like Fifty Shades Of Grey. It’s not a favourite but I can appreciate the story and I did read all the books. The books were, as many people have said, written rather simply. It stemmed from a fan fiction and definitely sounds like one, so I’m not too surprised. That was the standard I held it to.

Now, I’ve also read many, many different books, some of them nonfiction, some of them fiction. Fifty Shades Of Grey is one of those fictional books and I never forgot that fact.

Apparently some people have.

Criticism and controversy surrounded this popular franchise from Day 1. Anything from how abusive the relationship is, to how it does not represent D/S properly or even just the horrible dynamics between the two of them. I know. I get it. I agree with all those statements, save for the fact that I do think the line is blurry when it comes to defining abuse with Anna and Christian. I’m on the fence on that one.

However, I get that it does not paint the BDSM world very accurately. It’s cheesy and basically bordering on so many female fantasies.

You know why?

It’s a work of fiction.

Fantasies are fiction.

Beyond the Leftards, I hear even just neutral people criticising the franchise because it does not present accuracy and has a negative influence. Well, well. That’s why it’s called a piece of fiction, it’s not real. Fifty Shades Of Grey is simply a glorified Harlequin Romance Novel that became a big hit, I don’t see lawsuits besieging that publishing company. The franchise has never claimed to be a true story or a self-help book, the consumers tried to make it into one. The fault does not lie with its writers and makers, the consumers are the ones drawing conclusions.

If you are falling for FSoG’s influence and looking at it as a role model for a relationship…
…you’re an idiot.

You wouldn’t look at Brokeback Mountain and think that’s how a gay relationship should be (if you were gay). You wouldn’t look at House of Cards and assume that’s how all politicians are. You wouldn’t look at Real Housewives and actually believe that’s how suburban housewives are, posh or not. So why is this stupid standard being applied to Fifty Shades of Grey?

The fact that millions and millions of the book sold and the movie became quite popular (though criticised) means this fantasy story did entertain many, specifically women. It’s fine for you to like it or not like it, but to actually use it as a guide for your own relationships? You’re a moron.

The hilarious thing is that I heard there were a record number of sex toy-related injuries when the first movie was released, within the week. When I learned of it I just laughed for a few minutes. They deserved it, for not thinking like mature, critical adults and not doing some research, using a fictional movie as a legitimate source of information. They deserved every bit of it, maybe they would learn their lesson from the experience.

Must I repeat myself again? Fifty Shades of Grey is a fictional narrative that is meant to be consumed for entertainment purposes only. You enjoy it, then you go back to your life. What you do or how you think of it once you’ve watched/read it is all on you. Grow up and have some responsibility.

5 thoughts on “The Issue That Gets Christian Greyer Every Year: Get Over A Piece Of Fiction!

  1. I couldn’t do Fifty Shades. I read a couple of chapters of the first book and then returned it. I just couldn’t make it past even that first horrid sex scene. Just wasn’t my thing. This was back years ago when the books first got popular and I didn’t know what it was at first until I started reading it.

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    1. That’s fine! I’m not saying everybody needs to like it, only that they recognise it is fiction and NOT a role model to copy. I read it around the time you did too, I wasn’t really blown away but I enjoyed it to some extent.


      1. Yeah, it is funny how people get all rankled over fiction, isn’t it? You can’t please everyone. It’s like this, if I’m kissing one person’s ass the next person is just going to hate me for doing it! Fifty Shades wasn’t for me, but it did a lot for others. That’s the point. E.L. James wrote what she wanted to write. Some hate it, but million others love it. When I write I write from the heart. Any work of art such as writing, making music, movies, etc… is a hell of a lot of work. Not only do you got to create the ideas but you got to get it out on the paper, then you got to re-write, edit, etc… etc…. And you do all this just so one person can tell you that you suck and should die an awful death while the next says you’re the best thing that ever happens to them.

        But whatever. I’m a writer. I write from the heart, no matter what anyone else thinks. I’ve heart terrible stuff over the years people leave comments cursing me and others e-mail me telling me how I’ve changed their lives.

        I’ve written two books, I’ve had reviews from one star all the way up to five. I don’t care. I refuse to make a work of art unless my heart’s in it. I’ve tried to write just to write but I can’t do it. My books were produced from a state of heartache and pain and that pain got transferred to the written word, like a painter that draws a picture, I took and drew with the strokes of the keyboard what I felt inside.

        And that might be the worst part. When you read someone’s blog, watch someones movie, read someone’s book, unless the person just wrote it because it was their job, you’re reading or watching a piece of someone’s heart and soul, or at least a piece of who they are. Then you put it out there to be attacked. And it does feel like an attack on your very person because art is a reflection of the person.

        So, bottom line, Fifty Shades wasn’t for me, just like a lot of music and other works of art and fiction aren’t, but that’s OK. That shitty music video that I hated just made someone else’s day, and the person that produced it probably went two days straight without any sleep just to make it.


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