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The Princess Debate: Say No To Fairytale Corruption By Feminists


As if the feminists and Lefties can’t leave well enough alone. I knew this would happen eventually, they would soon target the amazing world of Disney and Disney princesses- fairytales, generally. They already ruined Beauty and the Beast, they’re ready to bulldoze through the Disney classics.

The fairytales we all grew up with and loved. Tales of enchantment, love, bravery, wit, family and loyalty.

Victorian schools want to discourage and maybe even do away with them altogether.

This all equates to ‘gender inequality’ apparently, according to some Leftist experts, in the case of the local Australian news, these are staff from domestic violence areas that really are just making a guess. This has never been done long-term before, so really they are just wanting to try this out without any idea of long-term effects. The idea is that changing or even banning fairytales, in effect curbing gender stereotypes, will promote more respectful relationships.

What a load of crock!

Having respect comes from being raised with a great set of values. I don’t see the connections from princes saving princesses (or adventurers saving damsels) to abusive relationships. The Disney stories and in general, fairytales have shown just that, in fact the Disney princes are some of the most respectful and brave men in the fictional world. You don’t really see any one of them hitting, being extremely rude to or badmouthing their princesses. Except for the Beast, which is sort of the point as to why he is called that and he paid the price (he learned to sacrifice himself) for it! As for Tarzan, well, the guy grew up in the jungle, he may be a little unrefined but he protects Jane and takes care of her as he truly loves her.

How is the idea of a man protecting and taking care of the woman he loves ‘gender inequality’?

What, because women can’t save themselves, you say?

That is such a narrow minded view of strength and power, which is the whole basis of the inequality in the first place. Belle traded herself for her father’s safety, Ariel defied even her strict family to explore her feelings, both Snow White and Aurora confronted their evil counterparts. Let’s not forget Cinderella’s daily struggles, her abuse came from her own step-family. Not all the Disney princesses and fairytale women of old wave swords around (some do), but they show amazing resilience in many other ways.

Belle may not be carrying crossbows, but her love is what saved the Beast too, they saved each other. These strong men are strong (or became strong) because of their great love and dedication to their women and family. There is nothing wrong with a man saving a woman, though if you look closely, in many of these princess-type fairytales the princess ‘saves’ the prince too in their subtler ways.
These women showed a great love, became a place of comfort and motivated these princes to be the best they can be. That can also apply in real life, you know.

Once you start forcing girls and boys away from wanting to be saved or wanting to be a mighty saviour (if they do want to be), it’s only a matter of time before girls start to grow up without a sense of femininity and becoming shrews while boys grow up with no sense of masculinity, becoming loser cucks.

Stop defining strength as one thing, then you will start seeing how strong these women are already. They don’t need the negative stereotype of strength feminism endorses.

Which is basically acting entitled, demanding and whining like a shrew.

Both men and women are strong, though in most cases, it is in different ways. Let’s appreciate biology, teach values in general (being respectful, polite, etc) and let the children read the fairytales for enjoyment, without really forcing any sort of ideology into them (this goes both ways!). Let them read it, be entertained by it and reflect on it themselves, the genders have always had their general differences since the start of time and it will often show in children as they grow up and develop into youths and adults. Adults with decent values and a good sense of self (that they discovered) will have respectful and healthy relationships.

Just let them be.

Leave fairytales alone.


Sign the petition for this today!

6 thoughts on “The Princess Debate: Say No To Fairytale Corruption By Feminists

  1. OMG I read that petition and the shit the government is pushing. That is ridiculous. We need to train men to be men and express their masculinity, and women to be and act feminine.

    Men are stronger. They can hurt and rape women if they choose. No anti violence program will stop that. Women are worse off when they aren’t being slut-shamed. Women are worse off fending for themselves than relying on a man for protection.

    It’s not easy. Rape and violence are realities for women and always have been. There is no solution. Define rape more loosely and women run free and are harmed worse in the long-run, have strict sexual standards and some women will be wronged and hurt, but at least learn to guard their sexuality, women are better off in the end staying close under the protection of a man.

    If I hadn’t been married since I was practically a teenager and staying at home depending on a husband in a traditional marriage there’s no telling what my life would be like now, probably multiple sexual partners and multiple father’s to 2 or 3 kids.

    I married very young (before I could even drink) and remained in a traditional patriarchal marriage and despite whatever frustrations I endured I know I’m ultimately better off for it.

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    1. It is getting to become a real nanny state here and the genders are becoming even more blurred, we are going to end up with a bunch of confused kids with no role or even motivation, irresponsible men and shrew-like women who are even worse than the last generation.
      You are very right about that, feminism has only made women weaker by making them think they are better off alone, without the protection of the men in their lives, it did a great job separating families and couples!

      I’m sure you would have found a way to marry and have a family, I can tell through the way you speak, I think you would have continuously searched for it!


  2. I find it terribly amusing that modern logic teaches that being masculine is good, if you’re a woman, but being feminine is good, if you’re a man. So if everyone was averaged out and became fungible economic units, the world would be perfect!


  3. I have to disagree with some of what you stated in your post, not all men were born to be masculine adult men, some just had no role models to look up to and some boys grow up in single parent homes with only the mother to look up to or surrounded by siblings that are all girls. I will agree though that the feminist movement had a major role in how women have become the strong ones and the men have gone soft and become more feminine, but to call them loser cucks is a bit harsh. Us women do need to stand up and fight for femininity, because from what I see everyday, in the media, in the stores, shopping malls, on the street, more and more women are becoming more masculine rather than embracing their femininity and being a woman and dare I say “a Lady”. Men have started to give up on being a man and have given the power over to the woman to lead and take control.

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    1. Well I understand in the way that not every man is the same- I’d like to clarify that to mean most men. I’m not saying women shouldn’t fight at all all for their femininity however we must encourage men to grow a spine and be more chivalrous once again. Of course they should be rewarded this after all.


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