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More Good Role Models, Please! I’m Sick Of These Basic B*tch Celebs

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I truly worry about the young women of the new generation. The little ones that I teach now who would grow up listening to their normally left-leaning parents and the left-controlled media when it comes to female role models.

This really came to me when I saw a post on Tumblr (I know, I know) about the best female role models currently and guess who I saw? Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Solange, Lady Gaga and Madonna. It had millions of reblogs/likes.


If you’re wanting to be in the fashion or music industry, I guess it can work? However when it comes to the fact that these are the only women in that post, all roughly the same type of woman, is worrying. Women with no modesty, sings about sl*ts and h*ing, waving their butts around on big screens while they have young children. Seriously? What’s new?

If there were one or two of them in the post and other types of women were added to the post, I wouldn’t mind, they’re showing a variety of women from many walks of life. Just to know that this is in general what the new generation thinks are great role models should be troubling parents. I know some of these women have done great things such as help charities and humanitarian causes, however that is not really highlighted at all in the post. It shows them in their skimpy costumes for concerts (which are fine for concerts but as for role model pictures for young girls? No) with basically nothing much left to cover with cloth.

Then you go on to their personal lives, which have become quite publicised. While the versions are always twisted for entertainment value, some of the scandals these women have been engaging in show an obvious lack in morals and do not teach anything good lessons to girls about not just family and love, but in general. They may have some good values in other areas, but nobody spends time shedding light on these, which is a shame.

It seems to be getting even more difficult finding good role models with sound values in today’s society. Media prioritises the liberal view of life, preferring to endorse women who are all about being ‘independent’ by being materialistic, being immodest in the general public and having no respect for their relationships. Then there’s stuff like crimes and drugs. If someone asked me if I idolised anybody in the showbiz world, I would honestly struggle to recall anyone. Maybe the Duchess of Cambridge? She isn’t really showbiz either, but she is a true lady who is always in the public eye.

There isn’t much of a point in asking for a good role model in the media, I realise it’s sort of pointless. These people don’t change and listen, they’re hungry for fame and money, the spotlight. The best thing anyone like me can do is endorse the more graceful, kind-hearted famous women out there myself, in my own little ways.

Maybe the more similar women do the same, we might be able to change the direction of the spotlight one day. Maybe.

5 thoughts on “More Good Role Models, Please! I’m Sick Of These Basic B*tch Celebs

  1. Oh my God yes. Also the music and everything is downright stupid and immature. I was watching that new Iggy video and then saw one with beyonce and minaj. Ridiculous and am I the only one getting sick of seeing Beyoncé’s face already?? I listened to her growing up, even as a child and always loved her but I wish she’d just go away.

    All these women are foul-mouthed, loud, masculine, obnoxious and just plain tiring. At least old-school rap still maintained some talent and class.

    And I wonder, do men really find that attractive? Sure men might like a wild woman for a moment but even then surely their behavior is a turn-off. At least we have some “softer” more feminine girls like Ariana. She’s plays naughty at times but is still feminine, but gets made fun of for looking like a child and everything.

    I did take on a job but I get depressed when I work thinking I should just go home. I don’t care about money. I came home with Bank Sunday evening (I made good tips) but I didn’t carr. I just wanted to toss them into the wind, every single dime and dollar. I just wanted to be soft and be at home waiting for my husbands return like in the old days. I came home crying. I still work for now I just deposit the money in savings. My husband still supports me 100% financially and maybe me taking this job has helped in a way. I think it woke him up to the severity of our problems and it made me just long to return home the way he used to protect me. My husbands behavior has changed completely and I feel maybe there’s some hope for us to be like we once were again.

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    1. It’s as if they’re all the same woman? Just different skin colors, I guess? I mean I liked Ariana for a bit, but even then they had to turn her into a more sexualised version, which to me is just to sell, of course. Just so they could make her less traditionally feminine.
      Why did you do that, honey? Did you really want to? If you feel like it fits in your life and you get some enjoyment, of course, but you sound miserable. Your husband is still there to support you, as he should, maybe you can compromise the situation? I’m glad to hear things have been improving..


  2. I guess it’s also worth noting that some of these stars don’t have much of a day in their image or the music or roles they play. Of course, they could always walk away, but money rules out I guess. It’s really not glamorous at all. It’s tough being in the spotlight receiving both hate and love for everything you do, especially when people are ignorant of how the system works. These celebs are pawns. They get only a small portion of the overall profits and basically just do and be what the label and their agents tell them. All I can say is no thanks. Having money is fun, but it means nothing if you aren’t happy and money only brings a temporary happiness, I know. It’s cool to have money in the bank, but it doesn’t make me happy and it makes me feel like my femininity is dulled. Even if he provides my needs still, it just feels somehow like I’m letting him do it, as opposed to depending on him and needing him to do it, if that makes since. Just simply having my own money changes everything.

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    1. I understand that being a celebrity is a tough life and I don’t actually have any negative feelings towards the women themselves, it’s more of the media that chooses to put those certain aspects in the spotlight for young girls to see. It is discouraging.
      I know exactly how you feel, no amount of earned money to spend made me happy. I felt more touched, when the patriarch of my family, my father, would get me a great present and I know he worked hard for it. That makes it all the worth while. Money made to spend while I was miserable? Not really worth anything in any way at all.


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