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Men At Their Best: Where Have The ‘Good’ Men Gone?

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This is such a common question that I’ve heard way too many women say. In fact, it is such a cliche in movies now that I feel automatically put-off whenever any film has that one line.

Though it is a legitimate question, the idea behind it is quite funny and the answer is all so simple.

The good men have been destroyed or at least some have been driven into hiding.

By you, women. By feminism.

By ‘good’ men, these women usually mean men who are thoughtful, brave and would take care of them. The irony between this and feminism’s ideas of how men should be just makes me shake my head. Moreso in disappointment than irritation. Sometimes I think about whether I could become a feminist or not, but I’m not willing to lose that many brain cells in the process.

Good men are actually thoughtful, brave and take care of women. Traditionally, protectors and providers. However, the reason why plenty of men are not like that anymore, is because of decades of suppression and bullying by women and feminists. When they are being brave, they are called controlling and ‘harmfully masculine’, when they provide they are called patronising and domineering, so what do you expect? Gender roles in the past brought harmony to most couples since women and men could take care of each other in their own different ways.

Now, many modern men who may have traditional leanings are probably religious or have changed to become more like the betas feminism seems to endorse. Docile men who just submit and let their wives and girlfriends run them down, because ‘empowered woman’ and everything(?). The last couple of generations of women heavily influenced by feminism have raised boys to stop being like the men of the old days.

They have raised men who believe in being submissive and overly sensitive with no sense of responsibility. These are the men now that you meet who seem like such a douchebag or have no spine at all. The worst of these are those who call themselves male feminists (cringe!). They have no idea on how to take care of a woman, chivalry and have not developed any real resilience. No wonder the divorce rates are rising and the marriage rates are sinking!

Traditional women like me have had to put up with a generation of pathetic men, when I had nothing to do it when it comes to the fault. I would have tried to prevent all this had I been born earlier. Women have been no great help, since they too have let go of their femininity and their female instincts, having become materialistic and career-focused.

Sometimes, I do think most of the modern women and feminists deserve these pathetic men. They add to this issue by still perpetuating feminism.

However, on a positive note, how do you find a good man?

You find a man with great values and you contribute to the making of them into good men. The men of the past were brave and resilient because they had great motivations to do so- their lovely wives and families.

Be a great woman and partner, be a wonderful lady worth fighting and toiling for. Be supportive of men’s dreams instead of belittling or competing with them and offer advice when they ask. Be a soft place to land. Do not try to control men and work on yourself instead. Accept his affections and gifts warmly and appreciate them.

Once they’ve proven themselves, let them lead, to an extent. Most men are capable of so much more- they can be capable of being strong and supportive, however society has been working to push them down by berating them and basically smearing them just for being men while pushing women to the top. That’s why the ‘good’ men have become so hard to find.

Women have gotten in the way of their basic instinct to be strong and to protect and provide. This has been the way in nearly all cultures since the start of time. It is biology.

Turning away from biology only brings misery, as our marriage statistics now show.

2 thoughts on “Men At Their Best: Where Have The ‘Good’ Men Gone?

  1. And I’m sick of men these days trying to throw in our faces “you wanted equality so here it is!”

    No, I never asked for equality. I didn’t even know what feminism was until I was probably about 21. I always had the instinct to look up to men and thought men should be taking care of women. It was just natural. I didn’t know anything about the ways of society.

    Well have to be louder than the feminists, showing with our actions and soft spoken words that they don’t speak for us. I had nothing to do with feminism. It was already law and had taken over the culture before I was even born. But regardless men should be men even if any one individual woman might berate them for it. She’s weaker anyway, men should just ignore feminist protests.

    Isn’t that what men in the past often did? Made policies they saw were best. Remember “women should be seen not heard.”

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    1. Exactly! I never asked for it either, it was generally the women before us and the women now who perpetuate it. Now women are more helpless than ever with men having no sense of chivalry and protection.
      I really do want to show that these feminists do not speak for me. The smartest and strongest women were definitely not heard, they were only seen but made the biggest impact. Just look behind the shoulders of the most powerful men the world had ever seen in history.


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