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Growing Old Together: The Ultimate Dream That Has Become A Rarity



I notice I’ve been quite prickly lately! There seems to be plenty of things to be prickly about, in my defense. Things just keep happening one after another, it seems these SJWs are burning plenty of calories ruining society but not enough to improve their fatty bodies.

The mysteries of life.

However, on to a more softer topic, a topic that is closer to my heart and has always been a constant.

I always loved the idea of growing old together, being with someone for so long, with decades of love, change and growth together, until the white hair and the wrinkles come. That idyllic image of matching rocking chairs or couches by the fire enjoying retirement and all the free time now to be had with each other.

I do know that is not always the reality, I have family members who work in the health industry and aging is not a pretty process, it is not always so graceful. It is messy and at times, sad. Even still, no one can deny that there is an incomparable pride and sense of achievement, a golden form of love that is only attained through maturing by numerous decades, through tears, smiles and crow’s feet. While many people find love even later in life or several times, there is a nostalgic preciousness that comes with aged love.

My parents will never attain this aged love, as they are now divorced.

I see it with my grandparents, though. With even the grandparents of my SO, who truly stayed to their vows. Both couples definitely stood through the test of time, just as many others usually from that time period. There were simply better ideals of marriage then, what was taught to young people about marriage was different.

While many were taught horrible, even sexist things, there were gems of advice there that had been forgotten. Learning to truly persist through the hard times, understanding that ‘falling in love’ is temporary and that marriage actually requires literal work. Nobody teaches that anymore. It’s all about the thrill of falling in love, the lavishness and the Pinterest weddings. There is no plan of attack (plan of love sounds better, though) that considers when that honeymoon period ends, ten years ahead. Twenty years ahead. After children. Usually it’s all thrown to the wind for the feeling of looooove in the moment.

The booming rate of divorce in the recent decades attests to this. People are too quick to give up and get themselves into marriage without serious considerations of the factors that actually matter. The factors that would lead to a lasting love that goes beyond the honeymoon.

I may know all these important things now, but I still wonder if in the future I will manage to actually implement them. Would I remember? Would I care to consider all this seriously? I’m making those promises now, though saying them is much easier than being sure they will be done. I want this aged love, a persisting love through the years that is like an old tree, growing in strength the older it gets, becoming more stable, thick and immovable the more rings it develops.

Then again, who am I to say? I am still quite young, I am inexperienced in many ways and I can only truly arm myself with what I know, heading into the future years. There is not much else I can do save for listen to the advice of my wonderful grandmother and my family. To think things through carefully before any decisions and steps in my relationship. There is no way for me to gain the wisdom that comes with all the years until I experience them myself.

The idea of that long-lasting love really does seem far-fetched nowadays when one simply looks around at everyone else. It doesn’t do well for one’s hopes, so of course I still worry. I always check whether I am doing the best I can and I am not always sure.

At the end of the day, I can only be really sure that I want this.

This golden love.

2 thoughts on “Growing Old Together: The Ultimate Dream That Has Become A Rarity

  1. I met a couple last week at the grocery store, they have been married for over 57 years! I congratulated them on their long lasting marriage. You do not see this very often in today’s society, with so many divorces and wrecked marriages, it is true, so many people get married too soon, without really knowing each other first.

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