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The Slander Of The Retro Woman In Modern Times


Many of you would notice here that I use the same sort of style for the images that I pair with my blog posts. Sometimes they are easy to find, at others they are quite difficult as I want them to truly reflect the message or at least the title of my post.

However, one of the most common nuisances I come across while I am going through this process is encountering pictures of vintage housewives and women with ‘funny’, sarcastic meme captions. It seems to be a thing now to use retro images for extreme sarcasm as a form of cheap wit or insult, especially when it depicts elegant or domestic women. Years ago, I must admit, I would have found this quite hilarious, since the captions do make sense with the picture and the little joke is there.

Yet as the years have passed and the more I saw of these ‘funny’ images, the more I noticed the pattern. Most of it is basically making fun of housewives and painting them as bitter, sarcastic shrews who detest their occupation and have violent tendencies (I burnt the house, there’s the chores done, teehee! or Time to kill my husband!). Many of them insult being a housewife, having to do housework or even simply being a complete shrew towards their husbands.

Everyone can relate to a bit of dry humour about disliking housework, being stressed or being a bit sassy (though I actually like housework myself). Though when you start noticing that basically that’s the only narrative of this genre of ‘retro meme pictures’, the agenda becomes very clear.

Women hate being a housewife because it sucks.

Husbands suck and probably should be tortured.

Kids are noisy and annoying.

I need more time for me and socialising.

I want to stab this gossiping b*tch.

If these pictures are basically being made by women in this position, as mothers and caretakers and others who actually believe it past the humour, I have made a clear observation.

You’re entitled shrews who just won’t shut up.

Look, this is a personal observation, I don’t have actual statistics or anything, I admit. This is merely social commentary drawn from observations of the current political and social climate of modern people.

Past that humour, it reflects the nature of modern women and their incessant whining about everything. You have a home and can stay there? Not good enough. You are able to have a child, albeit naughty and at times messy? Not good enough. You have a husband? Not good enough. Your problems are dealing with chores? Too horrible and oppressive!


Then there’s all this chanting for ‘wine’ or ‘I need a glass of wine’. Yeah, the amount of alcoholism and dependence on risky substances in women are at an all-time high now. For modern women, it’s been a wonderful replacement for a sense of self-fulfilment, a warm family and a supportive social circle. Just drink it all away with a glass of wine. It’s basically a staple of all chick flicks now anyway. Women think they are classy for drinking away their sorrows, as long as it’s in a typically curvy wine glass with their pinky raised. They also do it with their friends, to forget the men ‘who are all pigs’ and their stresses. I’ve seen this way too many times in Sex & The City.

So what’s the point here?

I just can’t help but think how much of a shrew women have become, they’re never satisfied. They feel bitter, lonely, dissatisfied and try to replace that with dysfunctional friends, bad habits and materialism. Which doesn’t really solve anything anyway and so, the rise of women’s misery only continues (now that I have evidence for).

Fellow women, look within yourselves. Don’t look at the messages of the media of what you should be. For once, stop listening to your ‘girlfriends’ that you’re always too good for everyone and nothing is ever your fault. Look in yourself for something to improve. Try to replace those negative aspects with inner meaning- some soul-searching, establishing some values and connecting with people who truly respect you and accept you for who you are. The ones who stick through the hard times.

Then maybe we might start seeing some more positive, actually funny retro memes.

7 thoughts on “The Slander Of The Retro Woman In Modern Times

  1. Yeah, I really don’t get the housework or cooking dinner bashing. Are they saying they don’t clean their toilets or make meals just because they are career women? It still has to be done whether you work or not so why put down the housewife or mom? A career doesn’t get you out of housework unless you make enough to pay a full time maid, cook or nanny.

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    1. Some women think they’re too good for that, apparently, or that it is shameful. Such negative attitudes! A lot of people actually do hire people to do that now, it’s a bigger business than ever, or get older relatives to do it.


  2. This is all so true. The whining, indeed. Me, Me, Me…..
    and the wine…..!
    I was reading something about going through menopause the other day. It was one comment after another of these women complaining. One said she just wanted to run away from husband and children with her cat.

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    1. Definitely there’s the wine thing! I did notice that there are so many jokes about drinking- very distasteful. I think her husband and children should keep the cat and not the wife, haha.


  3. Honestly, I genuinely believe that if women are this unhappy in their marriages… Then they picked a bad spouse in the first place. And if that’s the case; if they didn’t really think things through fully, and don’t have the sense to get out of it if they’re unhappy- and instead turn to bitching on the internet and bemoaning the crap in their life instead of being proactive and doing something about it? Then I really have no sympathy for them.

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    1. Sometimes people change too or they were forced to marry under social pressure- that was the case for my parents. You can never be fully sure but the best thing to do is to minimise the risks. Nobody does this enough nowadays.

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      1. No, they really don’t. And then they all wind up wondering why they’re misserable; I wonder if anyone stops to think about how low the divorce rates were if people didn’t marry solely just for love, but married for realistic compatibility too.


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