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The Education System: Even Our Youngest Children Are Doomed


As some of you would know, I am currently studying to be a teacher, an elementary school teacher to be precise and I love being able to teach and take care of the littlest children.

My passion has always been for children because I enjoy taking care of things, whether it be a house or food or even my loved ones. Children are the only type of strangers I would actually like to care for, especially babies. My main area of experience are teaching the youngest elementary schoolers, kinder and all that, because of my previous babysitting and teaching experiences. That, and they need more help with practical things such as fixing their hair or even losing things and needing a helping hand. The mother hen I am, I just enjoy being able to take care of them beyond just teaching.

Now at this stage of childhood, children are very susceptible to their ideas being formed by society, there is more development at this stage of their lives than any other stage and age. They are, socially and mentally and emotionally, the most malleable at this age.

So I am completely worried when I read through my textbooks and see this garbage as actual chapters.

‘Gender Bias’
‘Gender Stereotype Prevention’
‘Diversity and Sensitivity’
‘Non-white Representation’
‘Religious Sensitivities’

In this blog I am normally somewhat irritated in general because of the issues I talk about but this is a whole new level. Children are very close to my heart and I truly do think they are the baton of the next generation, they determine it. I do not believe in influencing them in any certain way, only that I set an example of a good woman to them by living the way I do now. I don’t preach.

So seeing this sort of garbage being given to pre-service teachers to practice and teach to children absolutely makes me wretch. These children are young, innocent and are on their way to make discoveries for their learning. They do not need to be pumped with Liberal Garbage (that has no evidence to be based on, btw) at this stage of their lives. Gender bias and gender stereotypes are generally quite positive, in fact their core tenets encourage boys to be strong and protect girls while girls are encouraged to be graceful and pleasant people. I’ve seen this in classrooms already. Beliefs like ‘boys can’t hit girls’ because of gender stereotypes protects girls.

This even relates to what I was saying about Disney princess stories being problematic at school. What is the problem with letting children see men rescuing women and women being kind and thankful to men? I just don’t see the logic, it seems that all they are doing is blurring the lines and destroying the concept of having an identity in itself. If children are allowed to just discover and learn about themselves in their own path, they will do so- they don’t need anything being shoved at them!

As a coloured woman I also dislike this diversity crap and all this focus on glorifying other cultures and in the process, erasing Caucasian/European culture. My textbook specifically allowed students to focus on Aboriginal/Asian cultures, which is implying that non-coloured cultures don’t matter (there’s that whole white guilt again). Which to me is actually quite racist since if the topic is about cultures, it should be all cultures and not just two coloured ones. I’m sick of people pushing coloured-cultures as the only good cultures. They aren’t, all cultures have positives and negatives. This is Australia, in the last couple of hundred years, there were plenty of European cultures that came here and the majority of the population has Caucasian blood, it makes sense.

As for religious sensitivities, how about no? You’re going to school and not church/etc. If you want- go to a religious school, I’m referring to secular schools here. The aim is to learn and be educated at school, if you want to have some special treatment to practice your religion, practice it at home and with your community, not at school.

The key word is assimilation. There are Australian values and the Australian way of life, if you don’t want to adhere to it while learning at school, get out.

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