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Ladies, Maybe You Are Being Oppressed – Though Not The Way That You Think


As an Asian woman and having lived in both an Asian country and Western country for significant periods of my lives, I have noticed the great cultural differences as a whole. I’ve dealt with culture shock myself personally- it’s a confusing, wild ride.

There are many developed countries in Asia, Japan, China (sort of), South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many others. Many are also still developing or third world.

Do you know that women are still being oppressed in such societies?

Hell, they are! In the worst way possible, because to be honest, I’ve noticed in general that Asians are sticklers when it comes to money that they hound on each other- and women are suffering for it. What am I talking about?

The Tiger Woman Double Standards.

Plenty of Asians love, love, love to dream about high-powered careers simply because they are materialistic and enjoy the feeling of bettering others. I am speaking in general, I’ve lived in an Asian country, was raised in Asia and am mostly fully Asian so I know there are some great, good people in Asia. These are not who I am referring to.

We all know that Asian family who pressures their kids to be a doctor, lawyer or dentist or whatever, as long as it seems prestigious and brings a lot of money to the family. I normally call these Tiger families. All they care about is success, their view of success and nothing else, plenty of them don’t even really bother to think about being close emotionally to their children. Sadly, many of them think of their children as just investments that would have to pay them back one day, like raising children was like lending out money or something. It’s harsh and many of them think this way, many don’t as well.

The double standard for women is that while Asians ‘love’ to embrace the initial equality that second wave feminism brought over to Asia, all that really means to them is now their daughters can also rake in the cash while they still maintain an unfair patriarchal system.

That Stepford Gal has put patriarchal and unfair in the same sentence?

Hell yes. Because that attitude of taking on a high-powered career just to get money is a masculine pursuit, it takes plenty of time, energy and motivation. These Asian families expect this high-powered lifestyle for their daughters BUT at the same time pressure them to ‘still be dainty, feminine and respectful’ of men. How oppressive!

They want to have the cake and eat it at the same time.

Simply because of money, really, that where’s the hypocritical attitude come from. They want their daughters to go out and earn and work like men but act like submissive housewives at the same time and know how to do (and do) everything at home. No wonder women’s stress rates are at an all time high, especially in Asia- everyone is expecting them to do everything!

For what? Just more money and family prestige?

I don’t see this in Western families. When daughters are pressured by modern feminism to take on high-powered careers they don’t actually get that much pressure to be feminine at all. Which leads to, sadly, plenty of women who are useless at the home and for personally taking care of families. The point is though, they don’t get that additional pressure.

If you want your daughter to be high-powered (and only if she actually wants to be), leave her alone on everything else. She doesn’t owe you anything, you chose to have her as a child (or if it was an accident…that’s still on you). If you are pushing her to act like a high-powered patriarch then don’t expect her to bow down to anybody because that’s not what patriarchs do.

If your daughter wants to be traditional and domestic, then leave her alone about career. You want that patriarchy? Let her be a traditional woman, support her when she finds a good, traditional husband and don’t whine about her lack of career. She has enough to worry about, let her enjoy her life at her own pace.

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