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The Manly-Looking Men Who Are Girlier Than Your Kitten


I have definitely expressed my disappointment with the men of this generation before, their lack of masculine responsibility is simply appalling and is due to a number of factors.

However, what annoys me even more is when they dare to even label themselves ‘gentlemen’ or wear ‘gents’ style clothing and proclaim themselves manly when a drag queen has more testosterone than them.

You know the type I’m talking about.

Wearing the lumberjack shirt, growing long, thick (even shaped) beards and moustaches, complete with classic leather shoes and bowties. Then you have the prim types who wear suits and the vintage vests with golf hats.

Then they want to go halfies on a date, lives in some hipster hovel and won’t stop insisting he ‘respects you as an empowered woman’ like a broken record.

Give me a break!

I’m not normally one for violence as I am a small gal, but I feel like I can definitely bash these types of guys in. They just don’t have enough of the testosterone to put up a fight. The worst part is they probably would let me, just out of principle. White or male guilt or whatever rubbish that will probably irritate me even more. Then I probably would add another one for good measure. They probably would tell me they deserved it anyway, which, they do!

It is rather sad that some men nowadays’ knowledge of what manhood is is limited to stylish outfits out of an old magazine and that’s the end of it. That’s all they know. When it comes to financial responsibility and physical protection, nothing. However, beard wax? Exotic combs? They can rattle on and on. It’s just like dressing like a lady but being a complete sloth.

You can dress like Charlie Chaplin all you like or Lumberjack Joe (maybe even Popeye!) but if you don’t know how to protect, support and lead, you’re not a man.

Not at all.

Not a straight man, anyway.

I am talking about within the realm of straight men, which is what I know. I don’t think I know enough about other types of men.

It is definitely even more sad that to try and feel manly, hipster/cuck/feminist turn to looks, which is such a shallow way of looking at the whole picture. Even the big companies selling these grooming products and these styles of clothes are making a big buck out of these guys’ idiocy. Manliness is much more than looks. Manliness is more than style. It is a whole package.

My man, like me, dresses in a very prim, old-fashioned manner, but his manliness is the whole package. He is traditional, supportive and takes care of me as a strong leader. I do my best to care for, nurture and respect him in turn, because that is what a true man deserves. Real men need real women by their side. As a great plus, we even look really good together- a picture perfect match!

What I don’t understand is how these people think that dressing a certain way will actually change how they are perceived. Some idiotic girls may think they look cool and fashionable but at the end of the day, a wuss is a wuss. Then again, all you need to do is take one look at society and realise that people always dress what they want to be without making any intrinsic effort, like…celebrities who dress in expensive designer labels but still look and act completely trashy.

That’s one of those constant stupidities of humanity, I guess.

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