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Trust Me On This One: Trust Your Man


Here is basically the second part, the second important scaffold to love: trust.

Most people, when asked whether they trust their partner would answer yes.

Do you truly trust your partner?


If your man told you he wanted to try cooking something for the first time, when he doesn’t cook, would you let him?

If your man told you he wanted to do all the finances of the month by himself, would you let him?

If you answer both yes to these questions (unless there are life-changing, extenuating circumstances) then you know how to trust.

Why is trust so important? We should trust each other, not just me trusting him!

See, that’s sort of wrong and sort of right. Like respect, trust in your man actually helps him. It helps your relationship.


By trusting in him, you are actually putting trust and motivation in his masculinity and capacity to protect, provide and cherish- that he can do those things. You are actually placing faith in his abilities and a good man feels a great achievement and fulfilment from being able to prove himself.

If you look back in time, so many men in history have achieved so much or embarked on great conquests because they wanted to prove they could protect, provide and treasure the women in their lives. If your man is a wonderful man (I bet he is!), he wants to do all these things. Most men do, really.

A woman’s faith is a powerful thing, though in turn, it is also difficult to place.

I know how difficult it is to let things go and let a matter stray away from your hands and your control. You feel almost helpless, but it is a worthy cause. You chose your partner because of his great qualities, how will he continue to show these great qualities if you’re trying to work ahead of him or manipulate him like a puppet master to a puppet? There’s a big difference between working together (him deciding and you helping/advising) to you ordering him and criticising his actions (refer to my post on Respect about how to express your concerns and desires).

You want to know why so many men nowadays are falling short on achievements or seem so ‘slow and unmotivated’ in life? I can’t answer for every man, but for plenty of them it’s because of one thing: no one is believing in them or placing their utmost faith in them. Thus, there is no motivation, among many other factors.

Just remember, an innumerable amount of men achieved so much in history because their loving women placed faith in them.

Let that sink in.

If you are still unwilling to trust your man, ask yourself why. Had he let you down or hurt you constantly in a life-changing way? Then maybe, you need to rethink your whole relationship.


Your partner, your man, is capable of many things. Trust in your ability in choosing a great SO, which is the man standing by your side. Why not unlock his potential?

It’s a wonderful cycle- you trust him, he achieves and as a result you admire and respect him. Love becomes the ultimate achievement, present in all stages of the cycle.

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