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Being Fat Ain’t All That: Why Women Should Aim To Be Slim


Am I ever going to run out of horrible things to say?


Just to put it out there, I am one proud, skinny lady. Which is the right thing to be, really. Beauty is much more easy to attain and maintain when you are at a healthy weight. I’m not saying be a supermodel for Victoria’s Secret, those girls are much too long and they are boney! (I agree with the feminists with this one).

Having some filling is good, you don’t want to be a skeleton, while having love handles is also distasteful. There is a balance in between. There is no ideal skinny/slim, that can vary slightly depending on your height and race though I think everybody, everybody secretly knows when they are getting fat. They just don’t want to admit it.

I’m not talking about people with eating disorders as their view, medically, of themselves will be warped. I’m not here to pick on those who are sick, they need help.

Everyone else though, they know when their favourite clothes are starting to get too tight or their face seems a little wide and…heavy. The love handles are showing and sucking it in suddenly seems so hard. That’s how you know you’re getting fat and for the most part- it is not healthy. Ask any health professional, since feminists love to ignore that they exist. Being fat, or worse, being obese puts you at a great medical risk. It’s just a medical fact and you cannot contest it. Though you may have exceptions of people who live through their lives being fat without having complications, the general rule is still general and applies for the most part.

Plus, why would you want to look at the mirror and be disappointed at yourself?

Everyone has parameters, gaining or losing a few kilos from their target weight and it’s fine to do that, since the human body changes all the time and you can never be an exact weight constantly. It’s about not going over those few kilos and into weight overdrive. Backwards or forwards are both bad.

I enjoy wearing vintage-style clothing, which includes plenty of waist-tight A-line skirts and dresses, I feel proud to see my clothes fit well. Though recently I have been dropping a couple of kilos and my skirts are becoming a little loose- I admit that it can be normal though I will still watch myself and try to gain these couple of kilos back.

It’s great to watch yourself, though with allowances.

When you’re slim, you look better, fit into more clothes (especially the vintage ones!), and find it easier to move in general, since you are less heavy! Also, you just feel much better about yourself. You’re proud to look great.

So, how do you get slim? Here is the kicker- much of my family works in a hospital and they speak with many doctors- just watch your calorie intake and exercise, cardio being the most important. That’s it. Do it for long enough, with the guidance of your doctor. No need for fad diets and detox bullsh*t. No need for expensive gym classes, just get a simple cardio machine (like a treadmill or elliptical or bike) for your home or start jogging and going for long walks.

It seems odd and almost too simple, but that’s really all that the doctors say.

Ignore those fat, feminazi harpies, there’s a reason why they get the ugly ‘guys’ or no guys at all.


2 thoughts on “Being Fat Ain’t All That: Why Women Should Aim To Be Slim

  1. Some women, especially younger ones, manage to look really stunning even if they are little overweight. Check Nadia Aboulshon for example.

    But I agree that to most of us, normal weight is most becoming. And I am about 10 kilos overweight myself. It is very difficult to feel feminine if you are heavier than your husband… Especially with my bodybuilt, which is quite athletic, excess weight makes one manly.

    Then there is the other aspect: When we get older, it is usually more becoming to be little bit heavier than you were on your twenties: less wrinkles, you know. Though since you are asian it does not concern you: I have read some plastic surgeon say that asians have tighter skin. I hope you don’t mind me refering to your origin? People are so sensitive nowadays. 🙂


    1. There is no exact weight since everybody has different heights, genetics and all that. However what I would say is that there is more of a ‘healthy threshold’, you are very right.

      You can say whatever you want! I do have some foreign blood but mostly Asian and that’s fine. Call things for what they are 🙂 I’m not sensitive Lefty.


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