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The Housewives Of Gen Y: Finally, Some Hope!


I am honestly just gobsmacked to read this piece of hope

Just gobsmacked and honestly, happy. Thrilled.

There were a couple of times I rolled my eyes though overall, I am liking the tone of this article and more importantly, what the numbers and facts are saying.

There are more women like me, like us, everywhere and they are starting to express their true desires.

A year ago, I would never have dreamed of seeing an article like this, let alone believe in it. However, choosing to believe in myself and live the life I want with full acceptance and awareness has caused me to be more open-minded to the possibilities, even though I will always be slightly critical. That part of me is the self-check that I know I need.

Women, Gen Y to be precise, are wanting to be at home more than ever and it actually makes sense as to why- they are sick and traumatised from the parenting they received from feminist-fuelled Gen X. A parenting style that demands so much more time and money in a materialistic family and glorifies single parenting by working mothers. This had lead to children who felt like they missed out on time with parents (especially mothers) through their childhood and felt isolated through the rush of the family life, since there just wasn’t enough time to go around for them. I myself actually went through this towards the later stage of my teens, briefly before my parents divorced. Most of my life though, my family was a traditional one.

I completely understand where they are coming from and how they feel.

“These days, it’s a bit of a dirty word. Stay-at-home wives and mothers are very underappreciated.”

That is exactly what I am talking about when I mention the difficulties I went through in accepting myself, what I wanted and finally starting this blog. The stigma is very powerful and reinforced daily through the media, advertising and even the family values- the ‘norm’ had just changed too much that even I struggled to find acceptance within my own family for a while.

Despite the ‘stigma’, Sophie sees motherhood as “the most important job anyone could have” and is happy raising her one-year-old son, Charles, at home.

This is the sort of thing that makes me sigh happily when I read it, because I know that women are becoming strong and smart, they are finally going through what I went through and telling the world they had had enough with being ‘oppressed’ for their desires and their calling. The hypocritical Leftists definitely did not offer these women the ‘acceptance’ they love to promote and tell everybody they have.

I did roll my eyes at one thing.

Sociologist and feminist Eva Cox cites a different reason for their desire to stay at home; she thinks it’s a reaction to workplaces failing to accommodate the needs of women who are juggling a career and children.

Of course, the bloody feminists have to always try and ruin everything. You know why the workplaces don’t accommodate women and children enough?

Because the two don’t go together, especially when the children are young! The idea of work and having a full work day was designed for men who actually don’t have to bear a child physically and breastfeed it and be the main carer. They have all day to work! Women will always bear the children, that is a biological fact and the ideas of work and the home had been built around that since the start of time. Do you know who are the family women who worked in the past history? Peasants who are struggling to put food on the table, working alongside their husbands. They don’t worry much about childcare, since basically children started working from the age of 4-5. How’s that for equality?

Biology, common sense and history seem to just fly over the heads of feminists.

Though I am not a feminist, we are not feminists. I am just so happy for these women and I admire them deeply. The more voices are heard, the more hope there is for traditional women like us.

Just when you feel you are alone, remember that these women are here, we’re around and we are going to tell the world we have had enough of feminism’s tyranny on women’s choices.

4 thoughts on “The Housewives Of Gen Y: Finally, Some Hope!

  1. That cheered me up. But I wish there were more child-free housewifes, too. When one doesn’t even want children and yet want’s to stay at home – well, I usually mumble something about health problems when people ask me what I do…

    Now I know it sounds weird that I am traditionalist and don’t want kids. I wouldn’t mind bearing children if we lived, say, 50’s. But having kids in modern world – I just couldn’t handle it.


    1. I don’t discriminate at all between housewives who have children or not, to me they just have different duties. The judgement is even harsher, you need a tougher skin.

      I understand it can be difficult, though my view is that if you have them and raise them right, they will be the hope of the future generation with the right values. Of course, I respect your choices.


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