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The Golden 50th: All I Want To Say Is, Thank You


Today, it’s just amazing to see on my dashboard that now this would be my 50th post on this blog- in even less than a year!

For a long time, just up until two weeks ago I didn’t really pay attention to how many posts there were on That Stepford Gal, mainly that I wrote what I felt regularly and just uploaded it right here. Inspiration always struck me regularly and through the strangest ways, it was enough for me to get writing again and again. There’s always something on my mind.

Now it’s the 50th and I just know I wouldn’t have gotten this far, my inspiration wouldn’t thrive and I wouldn’t be tapping away at the keyboard eagerly if it weren’t for the tremendous and loving support I’ve received from all of my readers, all of you, with your comments and interactions with what I write and my ideas. I first started this blog with very little confidence mixed with a sudden dash of determination, I can tell you that much. I was determined to show the world how I felt, what I thought, even if there wasn’t anybody in the space to listen- I would get it out there.

It turns out, I was wrong. Since there are people listening, there are so many women listening, just when I began to feel so alone.

Writing a blog like this, voicing a Traditionally Feminine way of life is even more niche and rare than anti-feminism or just being Republican. It’s a whole other level since I advocate a more domestic way of life and very traditional gender roles. Many of those on the ‘Right’ probably would not agree to my extent.

I accept that, though that wouldn’t discourage me. Since just before I started this blog, I decided to believe that there are women out there who feel like I do, men who also yearn for a traditional way of life without being ostracised. Even when I’ve barely met any. Yet through the course of this blog’s 9-month (yes, just 9 months!) run, I’ve come across and spoken to so many who have told me how much That Stepford Gal had touched them, given them hope and made them feel much less alone.

That is the only thing that I wish for from writing here, for women to not feel like I did. Like I still do sometimes. Bearing the judgement of the world on your shoulders, the hatred and bitterness of other women and the frustration with the lack of traditional men, since some may be in hiding. It is very difficult.

No matter what I say, my message will always be the same.

It is fine to be who you are.

It is completely fine to be a domestic woman who values family and quality time over materialism and a career- if you are in a first world country, it is very possible to live this way happily. All you need is flexibility, a minimal outlook and a strong courage against all the judgement.

I want to help with that courage. To be a constant reminder that many women (and men) are fighting these battles all the time, fighting against the modern way of life. We all know exactly what I mean. It may not seem that way, however the tides are changing and I understand that it feels so slow.

You are not alone.

Not here at That Stepford Gal.


You have my deepest gratitude,


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