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Dating For The Daring Man, Traditional Style


So you want to meet and have an amazing relationship with a great gal?

So you want possibly a future wife, a reliable first mate and the loving mother of your future children?

ThatStepfordGal has your back, you know. Many of my posts tend to be geared as social commentary or as advice/discussion geared towards women, however it’s time to shine some light on the gentlemen. I want to help you as well. Why? Good men and women deserve each other, they deserve to be happy, that’s why.

Gentlemen, dating is a skill. That is something very important that I’ve learned. Indeed, dating, nearly all of the time isn’t about finding the right one, your eyes will meet and you just have to be nice with each other and that’s that. Marriage time after a bit.

Dating is rarely ever purely chance. However, your chances of success only grows with how much you know in terms of navigating through its stages and essentials.

No, it’s not like the dumb pick-up manuals that seem to be flying off the shelves.

No, it’s not the weird pick-up/date moves that those actors and comedians do on YouTube.

No, it’s not the cheesy wink and lines that drunk Uncle Jim gives you during large family gatherings.

Dating isn’t one technique, it’s a combination of elements and approaches. There are several components to dating and I’ve compounded them under five different labels that all coincidentally start with D. It’s easier to remember that way. Why am I, a woman, telling men about dating? Unlike feminists, I don’t think of either sex as a side on which you choose to fight, we compliment each other through our similarities and especially our differences- we help each other. You can read what I say and take it or leave it, that’s fine with me, not everybody will agree and I know that.

I’m a woman and knowing women, I want to help men find the good women out there. We traditional women are around, the fact that my blog had nearly 3,000 views last month proves it, adding on the comments and the subscribers I have. It’s not a big blog, however I never really thought I would even have much of an audience when I first started; there are women out there who holds these good, traditional views. Some are on here, many others are still in hiding, unsure or still discovering themselves. My confidence in this has only grown throughout the months.

I want great, traditional men to be able to find these women, impress them, check to make sure they really are traditional and have wonderful values, then be happy with them in their future. I want to be able to do all these things with less worry and more confidence. I’m going to try and erase men’s current crappy ‘dating knowledge’ from media portrayals, kooky men’s magazines and sad YT pickup artists. Many good men may have great intentions and values, though they never get the chance to show it because all their approaches are just wrong or inappropriate, they would not appeal to traditional, quality women.

Let’s stop that right now, starting with the first D: Direction.

Coming very soon!

6 thoughts on “Dating For The Daring Man, Traditional Style

  1. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. Thanks for such a great blog that speaks the solid, hard truth (in your kitsch-y way) in an era where true femininity and masculinity are hard to find. I just subscribed to your blog after the last post, and I will continue to follow it!

    I like to identify as a latent traditional sort, having grown up in household run by parents who were still very well-meaning, but not as traditional as say, my grandparents—you know, just going with the flow of society (I grew up in the ’80s, finished high school in the early ’90s–Mom told me I could be/do whatever I wanted from a young age, that I didn’t need to get married and have kids and stuff, if that wasn’t for me, and while I don’t blame her for how I turned out, it sort of stuck with me for years). I guess I’m now what many might call post-wall (oh well!) but that’s because I spent all my most fertile years (after college) on two long term relationships that were never going to sail because we just weren’t right for each other. While there was attraction and chemistry, one was full of bad dynamics/constantly not understanding each other; the other one suffered from severe depression (and even though I am someone who loves to help people and really tried, therapy is not my field of expertise).

    Guess you could say I’ve been a sort of born-again virgin since then, concentrating on my own self-improvement and also constantly learning and growing (without really trying, curious and are just things I always part of who I am), experiencing entrepreneurship over the past several years, in addition to all that. while I’ve always been a well-adjusted and fairly happy as a single person, I sort of regret not knowing fully that it was a mistake to spend so many years on my own pursuits and not really trying to get married and have a family at a younger age. I’m not bitter or trying to have a child (it’s not going to happen), and while people say it’s OK to admit you’re lonely, I still think it’s more like I know that I would feel even more contented if I could find someone with whom I could share my whole and happy self, so I have been open to the idea of dating, and am more self-aware now than ever, on what I want to offer in a relationship, vs. what I think I’m entitled to. So many women (and sometimes men) have a laundry list of requirements in a date/mate, and I’m realizing no one should feel they “deserve” such a tall order. I’m just looking out there to see what could happen. I would really enjoy reading maybe a series of posts about dating for men/women who are of a more traditional mindset/lifestyle.

    Also, I may have just shared too much. Please be gentle with me!


    1. Thanks for subscribing, I will be releasing the second post fairly soon! 🙂 Kitsch? Do you mean it is in poor taste?

      Thank you for sharing your story, I do understand what you mean and I do not think it is too late to have a good relationship, whether children are part of the equation or not. You can definitely go out there and find someone!


      1. Oh I see! I traditionally understood kitsch as corny or distasteful, I thought you meant that!
        I’m glad you like the look of my blog 🙂 I wear such aesthetic myself.


      2. I wouldn’t sit here and gush about liking your blog (or subscribing, even) and then call it tacky or distasteful. Kitsch has an unfortunate older definition (not what I meant) but it’s also been known more recently to also refer to things being sentimental and folksy, which is what I think of, when I see the vintage imagery, which I like. It’s all good 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh thank you! I wasn’t too familiar with the word and I actually looked it up. I didn’t know it had changed much though you are right- I just didn’t want to be presumptuous 🙂 Then that’s exactly what my style is.


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