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Dating For The Daring Man: Dressing


I feel that this is the easiest topic to talk about, compared to all the others, so I started with this.

Most people know to dress in a proper manner without being messy. Not having stains on clothes, not smelling, so on and so on. What I mean is upgrading from the basic everyday neatness and add a bit of gentlemanly style to your look, to impress on the date or even just the lunch. There is more of an emphasis to dress well during a date rather than a casual coffee or lunch, though there is nothing wrong with just upgrading your regular look.

There is more potential for your self-confidence and impressing women out there, anyway.

Let’s look at this point by point.

Wear Perfume/Cologne: I can’t stress this enough, it is better to smell great yet faint than not smelling like anything or stinking. If you learned in your teenage days to just spray cologne or deodorant everywhere like crazy, it’s time to stop and tame it down. Spray your deodorant just where you need it then use no more than two sprays of your cologne. Over the body and the neck are the best spots and those are more than enough. If you need a cologne, it’s time to go to your department store and look through their testers for a choice.

If you need more than two sprays, then have a second look at your personal hygiene.

Check Teeth: Not just before dates, make sure to just check your teeth at random times of the day. If you have yellowing teeth that is becoming quite noticeable, consider getting cleaning from the dentist. You don’t want to be that guy with something in his teeth, women notice and remember these things, it’s a little awkward.

Tuck Your Shirt In: Maybe you can get away with your shirt being out if you’re under 25 or 20 (probably 20) but it is simply just more gentlemanly to have your shirt tuck in if you are wearing a formal shirt, whether short or long sleeved. Don’t wear a casual t-shirt out anywhere unless it’s a very casual meeting like a coffee, a proper shirt will always impress and when it’s tucked in properly under a pant line and belt, it shows that you are neat.

(Optional) Match Your Leather Shoe To Your Belt: To the guys out there who like wearing leather shoes, it is definitely a great touch of flair to have your shoes and belt match in their shade of brown or black. It simply adds to your overall look and makes you seem well-put overall.

Carry A Tissue Or Men’s Handkerchief: Though this may not apply to everyone’s style, carrying any or both of these two things can be very handy in case there are spills or little accidents. When a woman sees you have these things, she will definitely perceive that you are careful and prepared for situations. Make sure that if you carry a handkerchief that it smells good (with your cologne) and is washed regularly.

Hair: Unless you are catering to a specific niche, messy, wild and unkempt hair (I don’t mean afros or naturally curly hair) is just not great. You may have it much shorter, in which basically if you have a buzzcut you’re all good (just check your hair is not dandruff-dry or shining-oily). If you have some hair and even a slight length, comb it back and gel it in a style. Unless you are catering to another specific niche, stick to more traditional/typical hairstyles. A man bun is not going to attract the right type of woman, I can assure you. Having Thor-style hair is definitely a tricky subject, there is a right way to do it and you can easily get it wrong and look like a hobo, so make sure you get some hairstyling advice from an expert and research it well before you decide on a style.

If you get your appearance down pat, you are basically giving yourself an instant confidence boost. This works for both men and women, which is why I always put in a little extra effort in how I get ready in the morning. Now that you’re looking good and looking ready, you need to actually be ready.

Ready for the date and: Date Etiquette.

5 thoughts on “Dating For The Daring Man: Dressing

  1. Since many people nowadays have multiple chemical sensitivities, I would actually encourage men (and women) not to wear scents. If your diet is healthy and your hygiene proper, your natural scent will be very pleasing to those who matter (those pheromones, you know) and others simply won’t smell it. Well, people like me with extremely delicate noses will, but people like me will smell your natural scent, no matter how much cologne you use. There is no way disguising it. People with normal noses wont smell you.

    If you really want to put some scent on, use fragrance-free soaps, shampoos and deodorants nevertheless and the just put tiniest drop of some high-quality parfum or eau de toilette. Fragrances in hygiene products are usually really bad quality and smell cheap. If you want to be classy, wear only classy fragrances.

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    1. I would agree with this. I use only hygiene products that have natural oils (citrus, mint, etc.) or no fragrance. Strong fragrances, especially synthetic types, make my nose go nuts. I generally go very light on any sort of scents, if at all. My aftershave is very traditional yet very mild.

      I generally find that women who have way too much fragrance are repulsive. Too many use it to hide the fact that they’ve not showered for 2+ days, which is also pretty repulsive, though there are many women who do not wash their hair daily because they don’t think that they need to (I think that it’s general laziness). Someone recently pointed out this article:

      There are many others like it.

      As a frivorced man who will likely begin dating again soon, I do appreciate a woman’s input on the subject. I am planning to update my style and make some changes to my wardrobe. Now the next “Dating For The Daring Man” should have a topic on the best places for men to meet quality / traditional women (such as those in these blogs).


      1. Oh that is definitely fair enough when it comes to fragrances. Having either a clean smell or a light but noticeable fragrance is good enough. I was meaning in a more general sense.

        As for the hair washing thing- I am someone who washes their hair twice a week, for many women this is the only choice. Some women have hair that get too dried out when washed everyday, which causes the natural oils to overproduce and the result is greasier hair and dry, damaged ends. Washing the body is a must everyday, though hair is a different matter. I am glad you are finding some good information from my posts, though! I just want to be able to help out. The thing is, I might have to really think about that- quality/traditional women are hard to find, I would know. I personally do not have any friends who are quality/traditional women at my age- I just have my grandmother. The only way I can connect with other similar women are through the internet. I’m struggling to find like-minded female friends so I wouldn’t know where to point for the men out there. Let me think about it..


  2. If I do my personal styling (which would include traditional styling for men), I’m definitely referring to this article! 😊👍 Also great to remember what to look out for in a date.

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