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Dating For The Daring Man: Date Etiquette


If you are a great, traditional man with good values, you can start showing it to your date for the first time without even saying anything- through your gentlemanly date etiquette.

Pay For Dates: I cannot stress this enough. Pay for the first date (we will get to the others later). You are a man and if you are heavily traditional, you are providing for your date and showing them that you believe in men’s traditional roles as protectors and providers. In turn, it is her role to be pleasant, feminine company that is worth your time. In future posts, I’ll talk about how you can ascertain if she is all these things and whether you should continue dating.

Open Doors and Pull Chairs: I am aware most people do know to do these things, though I just wanted to make it clear to not lose this habit from the first date to, well, forever. This is not a first date or a first few dates habit, if you are a truly traditional man, then reflect it with all your actions. There is no benchmark for you to stop being a gentleman.

Offer Your Arm: During your first date (not the coffee or lunch), lean down and offer your arm to her without saying anything, maybe offer a small smile. Don’t ask anything and possibly overwhelm her, if she doesn’t take it then that’s fine, offer again two dates later. If she takes it, then let her hold on to you as you escort her through your dates. Like my other tips, if she is comfortable, always offer your arm once you know she will take it.

Bring A Jacket If It’s Cold: Even if it is still a little windy, always bring a jacket that you can offer to her. Worst case scenario if there is no cold though it starts raining you can use it to shield her from the downpour. A ladylike woman would really appreciate you taking these small measures to protect her (especially saving her hair and makeup from getting ruined by the water).

Be Kind To Hospitality Staff: Wherever you go, a cafe or a restaurant or any other event place, be kind to the staff. A woman notices how you treat people around you and when so many people mistreat or are rude to hospitality staff (from some weird misconception that they are below them or something), she will see if you are. It’s the trait of a good human being to be nice to hospitality staff, they get enough crap as it is, it shows you are a respectful person who treats everyone with equal civility- the sign of a true gentleman.

Just as a side note, as common as it was back in the Golden Age (50s) to try and swoon her through kissing her hand or trying to pull her close, that only happens smoothly in Golden Hollywood movies. Unless you two enter a relationship, stay respectful of her space and use proper gentlemanly manners.

What else makes a great gentleman? It’s all in the…


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