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Dear Younger Self,


My dear 15-year old Alex,

I hope you listen to this letter well, as even though you are quite stubborn there will be quite a bit of wisdom here for you that will help you if you start understanding it now.

1) Don’t buy into the equality crap. For now feminism isn’t as a big of a monster as it will be in the next few years when I’m around however it is already gaining growth and taking advantage of your virtuous intentions for ‘equality’. Yes, I believe in equality and you do and everyone does too, yet these social progressives that you are starting to hear about don’t really care about real equality, they just want to glorify other races above the others. The statistics will show it, trust me, there will be ways you can achieve real equality later- just not with these guys.

2) Let go of the belief that white people can be oppressors. I know a part of you believes this because you are Asian and since you’ve come here everyone seems to be subtly saying that you were oppressed somehow just because you come from a third world country as a person of colour. There is no real white supremacy. Just because they are Australian, ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’ people, that doesn’t mean they know better. Question the narrative and you will see the numbers make sense.

3) Just stop wearing baggier clothes. Please.

4) Stop thinking that your family is old-fashioned and ‘behind the times’. They’re really strict now however you will appreciate how close knit your family was soon enough. You will learn the value of quality family time that you are taking for granted now. There is a reason the family structure of your culture works and many of the ‘modern Western families’ aren’t. Just think about that.

5) Just because something is ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’, doesn’t mean it’s right. What do I mean by that? Your ideas on your hobbies now, some of the politics coming out (like gay marriage or whatnot). What I really mean is- look at those issues in-depth and don’t just assume that a lot of people are ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘narrow-minded’. Not all political/cultural ideas are sound and sometimes you really do have to take the time to examine them in detail. Look at both the Left and Right side of things. Oh that’s right- you barely even know what the Left or Right really is, well look it up.

6) Continue being as nice as you are. You never really held anything against anyone and you’re very open and friendly, keep it up as it will be something that will help you get along with everybody for years to come. Just be careful of being too nice or too accepting, some people are just weird, need to know that they are weird and that they need to have more personal responsibility towards themselves.

7) Learn more now about cooking and homemaking as it will be handy in your future when certain things happen. It may seem a little boring now to do them since you always want to hang out or read a book though I believe you will enjoy cooking more now than you already do. You will actually start loving housework more in the future though it will be great to get some skills down pat now while you’re still young.

I know I sound a little authoritative and even maybe condescending, though you know we are both good thinkers, right? We are naturally critical thinkers and you know that if it is me/you in the future then I would have a greater version of your wisdom that you can trust.

Don’t worry, I’m in my 20s now looking good in 50s glamour (we conquer puberty!) with a great passion in life, a wonderful partner and on the way to a new chapter. I can proudly say I am happy and that I know what you/I am all about- values, goals and everything. So trust me.

Future Alex

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