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Why Do You Have Faith In Your Man?


It’s a simple question, really.

For a few posts now, I’ve emphasised how important it is to trust, respect and of course, have faith in your SO- your man, after you have vetted. Yet, I think I have overlooked something quite important.

For women out there who have faith in their man and have told them so, have you actually told them, clearly, why you have that faith?

The answer may seem obvious to you, since you know of his good qualities. You can see it in the every day and the great and difficult times you have together. Sometimes you would praise each other, especially after making up. However, on a stand-alone basis and with an explanation of context, have you actually told your man why you have faith in him?

I think this is such an important context.

Men may feel quite touched that you have faith in them, that you believe in them- which may motivate them in turn. However, a full understanding is still lacking and they wouldn’t be able to feel as appreciated as can be if they don’t have a complete idea as to why exactly you have chosen to put faith in them. Have you made this clear to your man?

Otherwise, they don’t really know why exactly you admire them as a whole, why you believe in their abilities and even believe in them as a person. I recently asked this to my SO, I had great faith in him early in our relationship, yet..he could not give an answer when I asked him if he knew why I put my faith in him so much.

I’m not pointing fingers or blaming, I can see this can be something so easily assumed and missed by a lot of people. Though now, wouldn’t it be quite useful to know to do this, if you haven’t yet?

I believed and put faith in my SO very early since I could see he has a golden heart, he is thoughtful and kind to others and I know his intentions for what he does is always in the right, good place. What he is motivated by is good, he is virtuous. Of course he is not perfect, nor am I and we may not always do or see things the same way. However, I have seen, time and again, even if he missteps, due to his sincerely good intentions, he always eventually finds his way back, he’s always generally in the right direction. Of course, I told him this.

Thinking about marriage and journey of life together as one has been heavy on my mind for a while now, many people can get obsessed with more details such as ticking this box or that, having this list or what not as to why they should/should not be ready for marriage.

As long as there’s no actual red flags, sometimes I think your heart knows the true answer as to why you love your man and have such faith in him. Why you would want to marry and spend the rest of your life with him. Your heart may not think as much as your brain, yet it knows the simple, right reasons to answer this question. Then, tell your man.

Your head is meant to be a safety filter for your emotions, though at times, it definitely can be an obstruction. Sometimes you need to switch your head off for a moment and look through the eyes of your heart.

Yeah, that sounded corny. It’s true, though.

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