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It’s More Than Marriage Equality: Look At The Facts


Let me just put it out there.

I support gay marriage. Fully.

I’m not religious and I don’t have any moral opposition to gay people actually getting married. Not at all.

Heck, let them experience all the joys of marriage and the destruction of divorce. It’s all a package anyway.

However, what I do oppose is the blatant false packaging of the gay marriage debate here in Australia. Here’s a known fact most of the moronic lefties won’t tell you.

We already have gay marriage, we have had it for years. It was just under a different name. It’s called being De Facto and while it used a different name, it has the same or similar process to being married. One thing you can be sure of: they both have the same rights. Many people in Australia, straight or gay, are in a legal, De Facto relationship that allows them the same legal rights as any married couple.

It was a great idea by the previous government anyway, to please both liberals and religious conservatives. The rights are the same, the only thing different is the name (which then satisfied also the prickly churches). It even rhymes. I’m happy with that.

So, as my lovely sibling so put it, upon doing some questioning and getting a few facts from me, said:

What did we say Yes to?

Let’s go over this.

  1. We said Yes to the restriction of Free Speech. With the constitution changing the naming and definition of marriage to include ‘gay marriage’ (in name mainly of course, the rights are already there), Lefties can now use ‘gay marriage’ to justify an LGBTQ agenda and shut down anyone who may not believe in gay marriage by accusing them of discrimination or worse, hate speech.

  2. We said Yes to attacking religious freedoms. While I am not religious myself, with the existence of ‘gay marriage’, churches (trust me, they’ll only target Christians and not certain other religions) can now be sued or boycotted for refusing to conduct gay marriage ceremonies. What do you mean they won’t sue?

    There’s nothing in place to protect churches from being sued. No legal framework at all included here.

  3. We said Yes to advocating mature LGBTQ content, including fictional propaganda, to be shoved down the throats of our children in schools. Now I know this one fairly well, since I am studying teaching myself, I have had to look at this. Mainly, the programs Respectful Relationships and Safe Schools are the issue, as they both contain elements of gender theory and the dissuasion against gender roles that are not only pure political brainwashing, they also have no basis in science and facts.

What sort of content? Content like introducing prepubescent kids to sex toys, erotica and having them role play as transgender people in relationships. This stuff is meant for adults who have a more mature understanding and can choose to or not to engage in this knowledge.

As someone who works with and deeply cares about the welfare of children, I just cannot stand by and allow this politicised, legalised form of child abuse.

So, really, we didn’t say Yes to gay marriage. We can’t say yes to something that’s already there. We just did a name change.

A name change that includes a lot of political agendas as its baggage to fool you, under the guise of colourful rainbow flags and cute ‘Yes!’ signs. They were made to look pretty, make you feel so good about doing your bit in social justice, without allowing you to think deeply on this subject and see what is really going on here.

I believe in gay marriage, I truly do.

Just not these hidden agendas and forced brainwashing of children.

9 thoughts on “It’s More Than Marriage Equality: Look At The Facts

  1. Absolutely! In America, where we have had gay marriage for a while now, the SJWs are now pushing the idea that any man who feels that he identifies as a woman should be able to use public ladies rooms: that means, any man. It never ends.

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  2. I don’t care who someone marries. Want to marry a member of your own gender? Fine. Just don’t assault the religious beliefs of people who oppose same-sex marriage by dictating to them that they violate their consciences if they oppose same-sex marriage. To be honest, even though government should have no say in the matter of marriage, no person has the right to violate the religious freedoms of other people. By the same token, no religious person should use their religious convictions and act as if that is license to violate the right of same-sex couples to marry.

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  3. Alex Stepford, since the Dictionary already defined marriage, what are your thoughts regarding people who claim that the government in the U.S. via the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court is trying to legally redefine marriage? Personally, I think that it is a bunch of nonsense.


    1. I already agree with you on that. My knowledge with that is not as deep as I am here in Australia, though while I think everyone should have the right to be legally a couple, I couldn’t care less what it’s called, marriage or not. Rights are rights.


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