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Non-Binary Theory: Egocentrism Or Basically First World People With Nothing Better To Do


Sometimes I just don’t understand how immigrants from third world countries like me can look at this social media/media hype around Non-Binary identifying people and not visibly cringe.

These people insist on a theory that people can identify outside of male or female or something in between or they float from one island or whatever. There’s so many rules and conditions, it’s just confusing. I don’t even want to get into the pronouns.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, however remember the simpler days when you were man or woman, gay or straight? You like the opposite or same sex (or both). You had female body parts or male body parts. The reason why the church had problems with it was because it went against doctrine, though when you think about it, the concept was quite easy to understand. This or that.

Now you have all this blah and hoo-hah about not being entirely male or female or being semi (or Demi, ugh) man or woman.

You know what I think?

This is stuff that people think about when they have so much comfort in the time of their lives and no dire worries like whether they would have food on their table the next day or a roof over their head and watching out for hold-uppers in the street. They don’t have to worry about any of those basic human needs for survival so they have all this mind space to think about themselves and their ego.

All this space to wonder about themselves and come up with all this non-binary garbage. Which, must I add, still has no specific scientific backing or evidence in studies, merely a bunch of social science (which is of course, not a real science) surveys and the opinions of psychologists. Not actual biological evidence at all. There is scientific evidence for trans people, I’ll get into that later and there’s history behind gay people, however there is no non-binary theory proven as fact.

What I do know is, there are some serious weirdos in history, hand-picked individuals here and there that acted out of society’s norm- people who dressed and acted both female and male, though that does not prove anything about whether they were truly binary or non-binary. Some individuals are just peculiar and it happens. Like I always said, there’s exceptions to everything.

It’s just hard to believe that this whole non-binary lunacy is actually real since there is nothing backing it. It’s as if they just want to make things up to have something to fuss about, declare it the world and whine and complain and start campaigns so that they have something to do. So that they feel they have a voice because they are whining. Then when their campaigns come through, there is the fame, the sympathy and the press. On top of that, virtue signalling- they’re fighting for something and it feels good. They matter in the big, wide world, they get emotional sympathy and they feel good. All of these ingredients combine to make the ultimate dish called Supreme Egotism.

It’s also usually a bunch of first-world people who talk about this. Mostly white folks and some coloured folks who live in first world countries. You don’t see street beggars in third world countries worrying about what pronouns people use to refer to them or feel ‘violently assaulted’ when they are referred to as a girl when today they felt more like a boy.

As my father so brilliantly put it:

In the absence of bigger problems, small ones seem so monumental.

Seriously people, get a grip on life, appreciate what you have and stop making up things to get attention and amuse yourselves in your mind-space.

4 thoughts on “Non-Binary Theory: Egocentrism Or Basically First World People With Nothing Better To Do

  1. No one is trying to create ‘new rules’ for a way of being! Being non-binary is in fact escaping the rules rather than submitting to the endless binary stereotypes that exist in the world! Some people feel so incredibly boxed in by gender stereotypes that they feel they have no place in the world, which is exactly how I felt until I realised there was a word to describe how I felt about myself. Yes, the pronouns thing can be difficult, but for some people it really matters. Perhaps if they are living on the street then pronouns might be the least of their worries, but don’t forget that around 24% of homeless youth in the UK identify as LGBT. Transgender is not as simple as it may appear to you, it is not some clear binary journey, and some people never fully transition from one to the other. The only reason things are changing now is because people are finally talking about it. And as for the simple ‘man or woman’ I suggest you Google some cultural third genders as their are many all over the world, such as the Muxe in Mexico, Hijra in India, and Fa’afafine in Samoa. In classical Judaism there are six named genders. Please, for the sake of everyone, don’t just dismiss these concepts as attention seeking and selfish. If you don’t understand it then go and educate yourself. Put yourself in someone’s else’s shoes and imagine what it’s like to feel alienated because of the way you feel about your body and your given sex. Here are some excellent talks that I think will help you to understand more:


    1. You went through this whole comment without insulting me or name calling me since we have different opinions. I appreciate that, you’re very civil. Anyway, I’ll address your points.
      Nobody said you have to be lumped in into gender stereotypes. People have them, if you don’t abide by them, then don’t. It’s not illegal and I don’t even get why people are so affected by this. Just do it the way you want. I don’t fit in some stereotypes- I love video games and beer, which is unusual for a woman and people find that peculiar. Okay, that’s the end of it. Why whine about it?
      Your definition of ‘homeless’ is much lighter than what I meant. Homeless in a first world country is not what I meant. I meant homeless as in your ribs are jutting out, you’re sleeping on a piece of cardboard next to maybe the corpse of a child who died of hunger, the flies are already buzzing around. You literally would pick dirty food out of restaurant bins. That’s what I meant, since I’ve seen that, I’ve lived in a country where that is the norm.
      Though hey- I never said anything against transgender people, I realise that there is science backing being transgender (such as brain scans and whatnot), but there is nothing scientifically backing this non-binary stuff. Nothing evidence-based and science-based (not social science surveys). Like biological evidence.
      Yeah, like little off tribes that never really managed to progress into modernity while everyone else had, yes? There’s a reason why they stayed a very small, tiny part of society as a peculiarity and never modernised. These are people that also believe in gods of thunder or whatnot and believe voodoo-like cures. I’ve seen tribes like that, I think their cultures can be interesting, however, facts are facts and they’re still backwards, so why believe in all the third gender stuff if you’re not going to believe in their peculiar religions too? Might as well believe that there’s different gods for different things since you’re saying they got it right. Referencing un-modernised tribes and very small groups of people is still not evidence. It’s not science.
      Talks don’t prove anything to me. Science does. Once I see real, biological scientific evidence of this non-binary stuff, then I’ll believe it.


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