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I Love Lucy vs Bewitched: I’d Rather Ride A Broomstick


Some of you would know that while I enjoy I Love Lucy for its comedy and its beautiful fifties aesthetic, I did not like its narrative surrounding Lucy as being a disobedient and basically dysfunctional housewife.

I could go on and on though I think my post covers this well enough. Though there is another show with a wonderful housewife and lots of great comedy without the dysfunctional behaviour that Lucy displayed. I truly enjoy I Love Lucy to an extent, there is a show I love so much more and recently, I’ve just been hooked.

I really have to thank my SO for this one, since while I’ve known about this show since I was a kid, he reminded me about it constantly and now I’ve gotten back into it, I’m so in love with…


My admiration for a great character like Samantha knows no bounds. She is well-rounded and not the ‘oppressed woman’ stereotype everyone loves to peddle around due to feminism. In fact, she is such a strong female character, you will see this if you know how to observe.

She supports her husband Darin through his career and even learns how to be a better homemaker for him, since she was quite inexperienced. She makes the biggest sacrifice for him- joining him in his human lifestyle without magic by giving up her own magical skills and spells. Throughout the series her mother criticises her for this decision constantly yet she remains steadfast in her faith in Darin and always speaks of him positively. I think there’s so much I want to say on Samantha and analysing her character, I probably will have a whole post on her alone in the near future.

Darin himself is also quite a great character and a rarity- he is a male character that is rather comical without being idiotic, without being painted as a complete chump like the men of today’s sitcoms are (and have been for the last few decades). He isn’t some chubby dad-bod loser who is the butt of every joke because he wasn’t smart enough to understand a problem or because his wife is ‘much better’ than he is. She is more capable and wittier.

The sort of female supremacy that the feminism-infested modern media basically mandates for every show that gets released.

In fact, within the show, Samantha and Darin both praise each other to everyone else all the time. Samantha talks about how much she appreciates Darin’s hard work in climbing the ranks in his marketing company and supports him through taking care of him at home (doing the chores for him, making his favourite foods for meals and running his errands). Darin on several occasions tells his colleagues how good of a host Samantha is and how beautiful he thinks she is.

This is such a great way that they show a loving respect in their marriage. A great example for everyone else, even if they are just fictional characters.

I don’t mean to say people should emulate fiction, however anywhere there are good values and behaviour to be seen, it should just be noted down and thought about. In the end, you can choose what you want to aspire to, fictional or not. They’re values all the same, just be realistic.

Unsurprisingly, I truly love how the show emphasises the importance of Samantha’s role at home, the different activities and duties she has everyday (she tries so hard to not use magic, the darling!) and their positive interactions as a married couple during their free time in the evenings. It’s a great show for plenty of traditional women to watch nowadays, I mean the feminism-infested go-girl theme that all the shows have now can just be a big turn off against the media. I definitely have gradually lost my interest in the shows I used to love years ago, shows in every genre.

Well, you can turn this one on and enjoy it.

If you’re sick and tired of stereotypical ‘tough women’ types and the lack of virtuous domestic women, it’s time to step back through time and grab this bit of gold from the 60s.

You can find Bewitched here, so get your brooms ready!

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