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Married At First Sight: Dean, Our Traditional Man, I Support You!

One of the greatest things to bring a smile to my face nowadays is seeing the lovely promo for the new season of Married At First Sight.

Now I have addressed this show before, usually because it often has a case of sad over-the-wall women who are too old and left it too late to have a husband and family (The smell of desperation is That, or they are just plain neurotic. This makes the show quite entertaining for me and I have watched a couple of seasons, though I haven’t been as loyal lately.

Enter Dean.

One of the newer grooms-to-be in this new year’s season of Married At First Sight. You know how I found out about this guy? Through all the outrage he caused, especially on Twitter for expecting women to ‘obey’ him. That was what the articles said, loud and clear.

Yet that wasn’t what Dean said, loud and clear.

He said:

“I wanna be the alpha male, and she needs to respect me as a man. I think that’s a traditional role that still exists in a lot of other countries in the world, and Australia’s kind of lost that.

“A lot of guys are just afraid to be men now and they’re just getting whipped by their women. I don’t agree with that, I don’t know why it’s happened. I want to bring it back.”

He wants to be respected. I don’t see the word ‘obey’ in his monologue at all.

But of course, the crazy feminist-communism media will add that little word in there just to make our traditional guy look like the evil Satan of the so-called Oppressive Patriarchy (Tm) that has been wanting to take women back, subdue them in chains to the stove and leave them pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. That’s definitely what our traditional guy Dean here wants.

Whether this is another publicity gimmick by Nine or not for the new season, with the obviously controversial preferences of Dean, the idea still stands with me and is a signal of a return to traditionalism that a growing number of people (especially Australians) are jumping on board with. I covered this briefly before with my theory that there are more traditional men now coming out of the blue, compared to traditional women, since women are still mostly stuck up in their own *ss with feminism.

Our traditional guy Dean is a sign of that traditionalism, he advocates and wants a healthy relationship where (capable) men are leading as Captains and women are like First Mates whose advice is valued by the Captain and contributes to his final decisions on important matters. He advocates for men to be men again, to stand up as traditional leaders, protectors and providers – to be just men again. Australia has indeed lost that.

Dean asks for a simple respect. A type of respect where his woman accepts him for who he can be, has faith in his abilities and lets him be in charge as someone who protects her and provides for her. Of course, this is if he is a capable and responsible man, which is what men should aim to be.

This only motivates men to be their best when women do this and it is a healthy dynamic for a relationship. In this traditional relationship, women are seen as softer but not necessarily weaker, they are to be protected, valued and desired for the support they offer to their man. It benefits both parties and values them equally for their strengths.

Now I’ve seen some of the vile criticism towards Dean and Channel Nine, especially from feminist harpies like Clementine Ford, who obviously cannot understand a simple statement with the comprehensive ability that can be displayed by a primary schooler. He isn’t ‘forcing a woman to respect and obey’. Dean did not say anything about forcing, he’s saying his preferences and again, the word ‘obey’ is not there. Respect is a basic human courtesy and important in a relationship.

Dean, if you’re reading this, I support you whole-heartedly.

Australia has lost the value of good relationships that harmonise men and women, to say this truth out loud only brings on the whining of modern society.

Despite all the backlash you are receiving now, don’t let it hold you back. Be the man that you are and the man that you can be.

There are other traditional people out there who believes in what you believe in and support you, we are slowly coming out to the light. I’ve encountered traditional guys like you even in Australia, you are not alone.

I doubt you’ll find a decent woman on this show but who knows.

Keep going, mate. Let’s bring it back!


4 thoughts on “Married At First Sight: Dean, Our Traditional Man, I Support You!

  1. If he were such a catch, he should have women falling all over themselves for him. For as desperate as the women are, this guy is just as desperate.

    They’ll find him someone who wants to respect him and do as she’s told. That’s how the show works. Not a top shelf woman, because she’s not desperate enough to go on these shows, and well, he looks fat.


    1. I’ve addressed this in an earlier post. There are more traditional men than women nowadays, because women haven’t gotten their heads out of their *ss yet. Men are more aware and brave when it comes to coming out as traditional, women are still a little afraid, to some extent understandably, because of feminism and women are much harsher towards each other for sticking out of line.

      I agree with you that the chances of finding a good woman there is low. I don’t think he is fat though, a little bulk but that’s just a personal opinion. I guess to some others he might be.


  2. Yeeesssssssss!
    Hi, fellow Aussie here, just found your blog.
    I don’t have TV so I didn’t see the original ad with Dean, but I have read some of the media uproar, and I was thinking, “I’m pretty sure my hubby would echo those sentiments? And I’m pretty sure he’s not a controlling abusive-time-bomb…”
    What does it say about our society that a man saying he wants respect is controversial? So sad 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s pretty normal for me, though I find that they exacerbated and twisted his words to sound like a horror movie, basically. A horror movie when it comes to feminists.
      Big red letters for ‘Respect’- oooooh respect is sooooo scary!


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