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The Great Library Of The Left: Free Bias For The Public


I really would not have thought about this if I had not visited my closest public library recently.

I’m not a big library-goer however recently I had the great idea of finding needlework patterns from craft magazines, scan or take photos of them for my own digital patterns collection and then return them. It’s the easy way to get patterns I truly like without having to buy several magazines to get through to them (You’re welcome for the tip, ladies).

Though I am not someone you would frequently see in libraries, I definitely used to be when I was younger. During my teen years I was that nerd who was always at the library. Not only because I was a bit of an introvert who liked quiet time, but because I enjoyed reading. A lot. The library was the main place to find books if you are a young high-schooler without much money to spend collecting books. I recall vivid memories of walking around during recess and lunch with a stack of books (and some in my little backpack) to bring with me wherever I went so I always had something to read wherever I decided to settle during the break.

I would find little hiding places aside from the library, little nooks and empty crannies within my high school where I could just sit alone with my books, especially during the cold winters of Melbourne. It was just a bit weird since I was an Asian who was nerdy with English, I hated Math and Science. I loved language, Literature and English.

Now with e-books and the wonderful Kindle, I am so happy to be able to bring my collection with me in just one compact device.

Anyway, enough about that.

Back to libraries.

Once I had my fair share of craft magazines, I decided to let my curiosity lead me through to the books sections, wondering if much had changed since my high school years. Definitely, one big change I noticed was a new Category Heading that I had never seen before: Society & Environment.

Environment? Like conserving nature and animals? Upon closer inspection I realised I was horribly wrong. Just take a look at this cringe-inducing collection:

To think, this is a representation of ‘Society’ in a well-funded library in my area. A library that has a great collection of magazines, CDs, DVDs and computers for use. It is by no means underfunded or lacking, it’s a beautiful library. Then..this is what they spend their funding money on?

IMG_0585 2
To quote Sarah Silverman, yuck and boo and gross.

The Fictional Woman?

The End of Men?

The Lazy Husband?

Leftist garbage is the only variety here, which is a worrying concept. Keep in mind this is a whole section with its own aisle in the library. While, to make it clear, I support them having books of more Left leanings, what makes it very concerning is that there are no alternative social views offered in the selection at all. You might as well call the library, for all its political offerings, the The Lefty Library or The Great Library of The left.

Oh, I did look. I went straight for the catalogue then and typed in some other authors.

Christina Hoff Sommers? No.

Milo Yiannopolous? No.

Jordan Peterson? No.

Gavin McInnes? No.

Warren Pharrell? No.

I did not stop just at the famous political debaters, I also searched for the more academic side of the Right field- but nothing. Just nothing.


This is what families who visit the library are exposed to. This is what students researching politics and society are exposed to. This is what young children can pick up off the shelves and read easily, without having any notion of an alternative perspective. A balanced view.

Indeed the Left is determined to have the next generation and the layman to be brainwashed into their political ideology.

Maybe it could be just chance, a bunch of Lefty library members just happen to request all these books and the library was none the wiser. I could give them the benefit of the doubt. Though let’s see what happens once I start requesting books like The War on Boys and The Myth of Male Power. I’ll update on this later on.

Let’s see what happens.

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