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That Stepford Gal In 2017-18: Bustin’ Through Resolutions Like A Boss


First of all, Happy New Years’ everyone! It’s a lovely day to welcome the coming year, a time for reminiscing and being grateful that the last year brought upon plenty of learning experiences and happy memories. I tend to be quite sentimental at this time of the year compared to the usual sentimentality I already harbour (Explanation: I’m teeeeeerribly sentimental).

Last year, I had a set of great resolutions that I believe I definitely managed to fulfil! I am ashamed to admit that I did not really think about these resolutions often and I fulfilled them merely through either luck or randomly thinking of doing them. Save for one- that one is an integral part of my values that I always have in the back of my mind.

1. Lose a little weight: I have lost weight and am down to 47kg, like I wanted! I also now have a smaller waist, my waist had been trained slowly over time due to the clothing I wear.
2. Slowly grow my vintage dress collection: This wasn’t hard, I’ve seen so many good bargains this past year and I have many great additions, both skirts and shirts as well as dresses. All vintage. There’s even been a couple of pairs of shoes!
3. Speak out for others: In everyday life, I have done this, even to my friends in conversations (exposing reverse racism) and in public (I defended a man promoting the It’s Okay To Say No to same-sex marriage in Australia in the streets). That one was definitely new for me, though I just could not stand that this man was simply receiving jeers of ‘It’s 2017!’ and middle fingers at Flinders Street Station from dumb millennials. I have also written posts here in support of more traditional figures.

I am very proud and content to say all three resolutions can be marked off with a big check, I also have no issue continuing with them as personal goals (or renewed resolutions).

Yet, at this point, I have changed my perceptions slightly on New Years’ Resolutions. Everyone seems to be split in two: one group has that common complaint that everyone forgets resolutions anyway (which is true) and the other group are just eager to set goals down, realistic or not, just for the good feeling of it along with the trend.

While last year’s resolutions were an absolute success, I want to change my approach to resolutions this year- I feel resolutions can also be approached more on a context-based situation. I’ll make resolutions as situations present themselves throughout the year, not an overall goal that’s supposed to hover all the times of the year, even when inapplicable. I’ll let these resolutions come under one value, one mindset to have to guide the way I make resolutions to respond to everything this year brings.

1. Be as supportive and open as possible to all the people I love and like.

Some of you may wriggle your eyebrows and call it out as basically a vague resolution, whatever. To me it is a value that this year’s coming resolutions will be based on. A guiding value

After all, since when did That Stepford Gal screw up a resolution?

Oh, that’s right.


PS. By the way, I’ve recently joined Twitter so I can vent my sass when I need to and connect with other lovely people! Find me here @ThatStepfordGal!


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