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Socratic Discussions: An Enemy Of The Left


Recently, I had watched a documentary regarding Socrates and how he challenged Greek society, his ideas of democracy and letting everyone, as we say in Australia, have a ‘fair go’ in expressing their ideas and choices. Truly a remarkable man, Socrates was quite advanced and wise in the way he established a way of discussion that focuses on questioning anything and everything.

Ideas are constantly challenged and nothing is off the table. He questioned laymen all the way up to the politicians, managing to prove that many of them did not really know anything that they claimed to have expertise on for their roles. Socrates saw everyone equally, in a way that everyone had the right to have free speech and be questioned or criticised for it.

For someone who predated the medieval world, thousands of years ago, Socrates was a man far beyond his time. He saw beyond the rigid class system of Greece. If there is anything I can say I like about the Left’s principles is that they originally were more aligned with values such as Socrates’. Free speech, free thought and the open market for ideas. Really, decades ago, this is what the main anthem was for the Left.

They have fallen so far, though.

Socrates advocated for what we call now as a Socratic discussion, when the flow of conversation is based on questioning ideas constantly, dissecting ideas through questions instead of lecturing or explaining at great lengths. It’s meant to actually get someone to justify their knowledge, their beliefs and even how they looked at the world.

Now this is something that the Left seems to avoid at every cost, unless it is within their echo chambers. Any criticism or even fact-based evidence being presented to them by the Right is immediately shooed off with quick, dismissive labels like ‘racist, sexist, misogynist’…’ist’ this ‘ist’ that. It’s like these people don’t even have creative vocabulary skills. Everything is a damn -ist. Then there’s all the defensiveness and the rage, even the occasional fits and violence (looking at you, Antifa), a lovely way to showcase Socratic values. It’s almost as if…they can’t justify their knowledge, beliefs and perspectives, could that be the case?

Now I wonder, did the Left really believe in Socratic principles anyway or did they just use it as a stepping stone to appeal to the public and gain traction? Or did they truly believe in it, yet as they have become so powerful and mainstream the last few decades, they became drunk with power and saw it as a threat to their hold on the people and the media?

I truly want to ask a Lefty this, if I do meet one who is happy to discuss this. I’m always open for such discussions and I do like picking at ideas and ideologies, either side. I just find it interesting.

Too bad most Lefties don’t actually like getting questioned. At all.

Socrates would sigh and shake his head if he could see this now.

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