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Happy Australia Day! The Day Whiners Try To ‘Invade’


Happy Australia Day!

Australia. Day.

This is a day about the way Australia was won and founded, which had lead to the bountiful and economically successful first world country it is today. That’s the truth.

I’m celebrating today with my family, with lamb barbie (BBQ, for the internationals), smiles and dancing to Men At Work.

Yet one thing is still bothering me during a day that is supposed to be for celebration, patriotism and cheer.

One thing that really bothers me as an immigrant, person of color- is the type of whining people of color love to engage in when it comes to any social justice issues.

I know I usually address relationship, marriage and femininity topics here though every now and then I do like to speak about other aspects of my politics that have some connection to my blog theme. When it comes to feminists and social justice warriors, I also have a great distaste with the way they treat race issues.

According to their silly system, I should be able to talk about these issues since I’m a woman, immigrant and person of color.

So then I will talk, I will talk plain and clear.

I come from a country that has been colonised by Europe and trust me, I’m not that angry about it. It happened years and years ago, they took over our country, used people as slaves, took over our language, forced their beliefs on us and whatnot. Those all happened in the past, they are all very tragic. However, they are in the past.

I like to be realistic and remind myself that my country is not the only country to actually be colonised- we aren’t a special case and while the colonisation process was cruel, it did bring benefits in some ways; it modernised us and united us, since before we were mostly a separate group of people with no sense of nationality. They brought bloodshed and control, yet along with it was modern technology and an identity.

Thinking of the world wars, if we weren’t colonised (and had connections to other countries because of that), we would have easily been taken over- the opposing forces would have plainly killed my ancestors and seized everything- no colonisation at all, just mass murder. Due to the colonisation, we had allies and more modern weaponry and defences, we could put up a good fight.

Aside from that, I don’t want to diminish the suffering of my ancestors from colonisation. The point is though, we are not being controlled anymore, we are our own country and that is just in the past. In my country we have a strong belief of simply ‘gritting your teeth and moving on’. There’s no use whining about the past.

We have to make do with what we have now.

Australia on the other hand, is much luckier in the way that its white colonisers actually tried to make reparations to its native Aborigines through a number of government schemes, benefits and programs. You think my country ever got any of that? None.

You won’t see us sparking a huge outrage and launching attacks on our colonising country for reparations- we are too busy trying to make our nation a better place since our healthcare and economic status is so low.

So when I see the native peoples in Australia whining about Australia and Australia Day (or as they put so ungratefully, Invasion Day) with their government schemes, benefits and programs, I just shake my head and roll my eyes. These are the very people that were modernised thanks to colonisation and now are first-world country citizens with all the advantages that come with it. People want to come to your so-called ‘White People Oppressor/Colonizer Country’ rather than leave it.

That says something.

Since people want to leave my old home country. They want to go to yours.

That means your country, out of most countries in the world, is pretty good. A big part of that was because you were colonised by a successful Caucasian colony, whether you want to admit that or not. You would still be scattered tribes with limited technology otherwise, with no organised government like the one we have now and the financial benefits if it weren’t for colonisation.

These are just facts, as harsh as they are.

So you know what? Get over it. You got colonised? Go and join the gazillions of other countries that were and still are going.

You know what the difference is?

Australia is a first world nation.
Australia has free healthcare.
Australia is fairly safe.
Australia is expensive but not too expensive to live in.
Australia has the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne.

Guess your colonised country didn’t turn out that bad after an ‘Invasion’.

Mine did.

So stop trying to ‘Invade’ Australia Day.

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