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Female Representation Sucks: I’m Not A Token For Ruining Franchises

SJWs always tell me I’m oppressed or that I should know better what racism is because I am Asian, a woman..or something like that.

One of the things I dislike the most is when I’m classified by my sex or my race.

I do believe in my abilities and talents as a woman compared to men, I acknowledge the differences between the sexes and I value them also. I believe there are things women can do better than them in general and vice versa.

Which is why I hate it when the mainstream media tries to ‘equalise’ or basically paint both genders by the same brush by forcing female protagonists distastefully onto Hollywood flicks. Making franchises and fanbases female-oriented when they naturally aren’t for the sake of pushing women ‘out there’.

As a woman, I don’t want to be pushed ‘out there’.

I don’t need forced female protagonists to feel good about myself and feel accepted.
I don’t need overly masculine female protagonists to know I can be strong. Strength isn’t always about kicking butt.
I don’t need the lame lines of female protagonists about kicking guys in the butt and how ‘I’m a woman but wooooow I’m so strong look at me!!’.

You think I don’t see through it, as a woman? I do and it’s insulting.

I’m a strong woman with unique strengths, some related to my sex and some not and I don’t need outside influences to tell me whether I’m good enough or not. If you are an adult and think you do, then you need to toughen up. If this is about children, then they need more parental guidance, showing them that what’s on the telly doesn’t really mean anything in regards to who they are as a person. Most kids don’t even care about protagonists being girls or boys. As long as they are cool and interesting.

What’s concerning about these forced female protagonists (Let’s start a whole term- FFP) is that they are just uncool and uninteresting. They have more traditionally male personality traits than female just to convince the insecure women that they are ‘better than the menz’. For example, we have Wonder Woman and her beta of a partner – in one scene where a war zone area was called a No-Man’s-Land, she tried to catchphrase that she was no man, which is why she can walk through and kick ass.
Then we have Rey from Star Wars, an orphaned girl that is basically just a female copy of Luke Skywalker. Unoriginal, lame and just a political statement.

You can really tell that Hollywood producers now just want their pockets lined with SJW money rather than from actual creative success.

There’s been plenty of superhero movies (among other genres) filled with female protagonists from past decades that were female because..they suited the role and they were their own character. They weren’t some female version of a protagonist or an original character forcibly feminism-infected just for the ‘beat-the-men’ feelz. You have the Charmed sisters, Cat Woman, Superwoman, the old Wonderwoman, The Bride from Kill Bill- all naturally female characters that really fitted their stories and were formidable women in their own right.

They didn’t need to be twisted or generated to please vicious feminists and insecure women.

Oh wait- they’re the same thing.

4 thoughts on “Female Representation Sucks: I’m Not A Token For Ruining Franchises

  1. Thank you Alex.

    It is nice to see someone else who recognizes this. What I miss the most in film and entertainment, and the reason why I almost never partake of either any longer (but instead write my own stories) is that there are no women in them worthy of my dreams. Even among the more acceptable characters you mention, I see the same thing, men hiding behind the guises of women — or worse. I smell the corruption and I eschew it.

    Thank you for the freshness of your perspective, and for being the sort of woman whom they used to make the heroine of wonderful stories.

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    1. Thanks Dan!

      For me, I really liked the originality of the female characters from the past, I could see they were authentic in their own right and not just characters carrying political ideas. They really are just men hiding behind a woman’s character!

      You’re welcome and I am touched to hear that, I try only my best and speak my truth, fresh or not!


  2. Think about princess Leia in those REAL Star Wars -movies. She was so feminine all the time. She was my favourite role model when I was young. I even wore only white one summer. 😉

    Or even Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in Terminatro 1 and 2. She learned to fight because she had to, but she still had that feminine nature.

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