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Right-ing Wrongs, Right There At The Bookstore


One very interesting yet disappointing thing that had happened to me recently is a visit to the bookshop, only to find it to be a hive of Extreme Leftism.

I mean Extreme.

I had discussed earlier my surprise upon visiting a public library that was well-funded, seeing that there was a new Social/Environment section and that it was basically filled with Leftist garbage.

Now at the bookstore it seems to take on another level- because openly Extreme Left books are now easily available and Anti-Trump propaganda is now being pushed more than ever. I tried to fix that, in my own little way. Let me tell you this little story.

At the local mall, my SO and I sometimes like looking through bookstores, the most common ones here in Melbourne are Dymocks and Robinsons. We like to browse a bit of politics, philosophy, history and personal/motivational. A bit here and there. We also have a little knack for checking out the cringe sections with all the Feminist/Anti-Trump, usual whiny stuff. Though there was something very unusual with today’s visit.

I noticed that Fire and Fury was basically being pushed everywhere. At the front, the back, aside from its usual Politics section. There’s an excess of copies everywhere and it’s set in several shelves face front to stand out and be picked up easily. This really only reminds me of the even cringy-er video of Hillary reading from it. There’s been countless Anti-Trump books and I’ve seen plenty, though the blatant push for this particular book was just starting to be an eyesore. Maybe it was because of Hillary or it’s newly released or both.

So my SO and I did a little something simple. We gave a bit of a balanced spotlight when we found a small ray of hope. Three individual copies of Milo’s Dangerous. There were only three in the whole store. So with one of the wall shelves displaying Fire and Fury…

..we made a little positive change to challenge the status quo.

There you go. A little better.

You know what else I saw in that section? Total Propaganda, a ‘Basic Marxist Brainwashing for the Angry and Young’, preying on young millennials who have it ‘bad’ to try and bite back at a capitalist system that basically oppresses them- or at least they think so. Millennials in first world countries don’t know real Marxism/communism. I know someone who actually experienced it first-hand and they would be happy to tell of its horrors and barbarism. I plan to feature their story in the future.

Another irritating thing was seeing a white/Caucasian woman trying to buy this book called Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Renio Eddo-Lodge), obviously written by an angry SJW woman of color. Besides being obviously racist in itself, it just goes to show the self-depreciating attitude of white people/Western Caucasians that really just want to hit themselves on the face and put people of color on a pedestal.

As if the pile of garbage in most bookstores wasn’t large enough already, you now get books that openly advocate racism and a totalitarian government that literally killed tens, possibly hundreds of millions (more than Nazism, mind you)- these are widely promoted and eaten up by both SJWs and self-depreciating Westerners. Ugh.

So I basically asked my SO sweetly and clearly if I could get two of Milo’s books in front of her…

..boy, did I enjoy the dirty look.

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