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The Great Library Of The Left: A Little Awesome Update!


Remember when I made a little post, my little rant about how my local library’s Society section was just full of Lefty rubbish?

Well, fear no more.

Fun times ahead..

Now there is a bit more balance!

I fully support having political books here, as it is the Society section after all, however what I objected to the most was that there were too many Left-wing books to the point that it’s basically a brainwashing-section for any young person (or any naive person) who wanders into the area to just learn something. That truly worried me. Two sides of the political background should be presented and the individual can choose for themselves, as long as they are well-informed about both sides.

The Left is now notorious for their censorship and I would hate to think that all the gross books in the Society section of my local library (titles like The End of Men and The Female Eunuch) were just there on purpose, along with other Left-wing ideology in order to stamp out the other side. I can never prove that and I won’t point fingers, that won’t do anything.

The best thing to do is to actually be proactive on my part and provide more balance to the Society section. Young people and anyone interested in their politics should not be visiting an echo chamber for the Left, they need to have access to information about the Left and Right (written by the respective parties!) to make their own choices.

It all started with me just making the requests. Gavin McInnes as a light starter, Jordan Peterson and then Milo Yiannopoulos.

Hoping for the best, then.

So guess what? They were all approved and ordered! I was hoping nothing would get in the way and it all went fine. The librarian gave me a funny look when I checked them out, though really, I’ll be returning them very soon. I already have those books myself – I just ordered them so the library will have them, so that the locals will have access to them. Access to a balanced Society section.

I will also watch over these books when I visit, check to see if they’re being hidden away off the shelves or even defaced or something like that and trust me – I’ll make sure they’re either replaced by new copies or put on shelf. I’ll get the copies myself if I have to. Freedom of information matters, especially when it leads to better informed choices and balanced views. That is something that society should strive for.

Hmm, maybe I’ll add a couple of books in the near future in my request list and even out the balance further. This library’s a great metaphor. The Society is one whole section just full of Lefty stuff that we’re going against. So we’ll fight back until it’s fairer and better-

-one Dangerous book at a time.


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