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Just Thinking Out Loud: Do We Sabotage Our Own Cheer?


Lately, at the local mall, I walked past one of those cute booths where babies go to dress up against a nice background for some adorable photos.

I find these places just lovely (and reminds me of how much I want a baby!).

I saw a chubby little baby in a sailor’s outfit sitting on the podium against a nautical background, clearly she didn’t want to be there since she was frowning and glaring at all the adults around her. Especially the photographer in front of her who was making funny faces to try and make her laugh, in order for them to start getting some good shots.

Of course, the photographer was only doing her job and in turn, she can only try with the grumpy baby. She was trying her best to cheer up the little bub, but the baby just wouldn’t have it, she was fine with her sulking grimace and didn’t budge.

I get random thoughts like this sometimes and it just popped into my head as I watched this scene unfold.

Do we, as people, have a small part of us that feel a certain desire or instinct to just be negative about something, even when other parts of ourselves are trying to focus on something more positive?

When you’re having a fairly good day and things are smooth, you know that the right thing is to be grateful and bright, yet a part of you still wants to mope about something because that is somewhat more satisfying? Why would moping even be satisfying?

Maybe some people do it for the attention, yet I think people can do this too even when they’re just by themselves. I don’t usually mope and I can’t recall the last time I’ve done this so I don’t think it has happened recently, but I’m sure I’ve done it before. I’ve taken satisfaction in moping.

The only answer I can come up with is that maybe moping or being grumpy is just a bit therapeutic, you know what they say about feeling through things in order to get over it. The more you feel it and explore it, then you can let it pass you by eventually, rather than bottling it up and it can grow worse.

I’d think, the best way to approach it would be to ‘mope through it’ during a time when you’re usually alone or with a friend who also needs to do the same thing. Do so without being rude or inconsiderate to others, since no one deserves copping any of that negative mood, it’s your responsibility to feel through it and get over it. For your own good and everyone else’s.

So I guess the best thing would be for the photographer to stop the cheering attempts and let the little bub come to her own smiles when she feels a bit brighter. Maybe after some time.

I hope her Mum would be able to reschedule the photo op then!

If not, oh well. Such is life! Maybe a grumpy photo is meant to be.

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