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Feel-Good Fixes For Women Are Everywhere: Why Are We Babying Women?


I was born in the 90s and frankly, I feel as if women born in the decades before me in general are much stronger.

They are stronger when it comes to their emotional resilience.

Why do I think of this?

Let’s go through my day. In the morning I scroll through my Facebook feed and see adverts about how ‘women are bosses’, that video where a bunch of women basically bash some men who happen to their bosses.
After that I go through to work for half the day, I run some errands on the way home. I pause when I see the front shop window has the book Bad Girls Throughout History as well as a couple of other related books.
Through another shop window, Wittner’s, I see their new graphics on their shop glass walls – The Future is Female.
On the way home, I scroll through my emails and see a suggestion for a Meetup about Women’s Empowerment in Melbourne.

This is just one of those days that grind at me and I am constantly bombarded with messages that I’m ‘empowered’, descending from ‘great women of history’, I am ‘good enough’ and better than my male bosses and so and so.

As someone who grew up where people starving on the streets and dying was normal, I find this stuff is for weaklings.

If you as a woman in the 21st century in West need to be told all the time that you are great, you are worthy and you are just as great or better than men, you seriously need help. In fact, I actually find this demeaning since all this messaging is implying that I am some delicate flower who can’t think for myself and will only feel good about myself if some fancy graphics and a politically charged ad would tell me I’m good.

I don’t need that weak sh*t.

Women have really made a business of their supposed empowerment, all this overt declarations of their ‘power’ and how women have to wake up and realise they are ‘better than men’ almost makes it sound like they aren’t, they’re affirmations they use to try and convince themselves of that delusion. Women aren’t oppressed flowers, they are equal to men by law and both genders have different problems they face regarding their gender.

Truly powerful women, women who get what they want and are happy with their lives don’t need to broadcast it, since there really is no point or benefit to it. They are content and they don’t see the point in being overt and attention seeking. Like I said before, women’s greatest strengths usually lie in how they express themselves and take actions covertly, we are great with subtlety and grace. Women who are secure with themselves don’t need to be told anything, their confidence and will comes from within, which is why no matter what the outside world says with its messages, good or bad, they just carry on with their lives.

Of course everyone falls down sometimes and goes through periods of confusion and change. You need your support network for that, your friends and some reflection, learning and just time. You don’t need a whole business and industry, who are really just about gaining power for themselves and making money from your weakness.

If you’re struggling, it’s time to either get help or look within you and your support circle for inspiration, help and some reflection on who you are. Look back at what you have done in your life and what difference you’ve made to other people’s lives. If you find there’s very little of that, it’s time to fix it. Donate to charities and help the needy, serve your family and spend quality time with those who you love. Ask yourself what is the next little step towards your big goals and do it today.

Everyday I look at myself in the mirror, getting ready for the day and know that I am me and the woman in the mirror is someone to be proud of. I have lovely friends and family, I have all that I need and I have achieved plenty so far, I’ve discovered plenty about myself and I’ve learned a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to be sure of that sometimes, especially with how modern society works against my traditional values – I admit I struggle through that every now and then, though I’ve taken responsibility as to how I handle that and I feel I am improving.

Once I was looking at an album and I see a photo of myself, with my family on my birthday and I just smiled. Yeah she’s doing alright, doing great.

She don’t need no ‘I don’t need no man’ slogan.

2 thoughts on “Feel-Good Fixes For Women Are Everywhere: Why Are We Babying Women?

  1. Good post.

    I also hate all those empowering memes and such. If women are as good as men on everything, there is absolutely no need to say it aloud. Men don’t run around yelling how good they are. They live their lives, do their thing and success.

    The problem is that feminists are usually very mediocre women. If they really were competent, they would not be feminists. Not on modern western world where women can really do what they want -IF they are competent enough.

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    1. Exactly, confident and powerful women don’t need constant validation and crowd-cheering. They are confident in themselves, even if they aren’t perfect.

      Feminists are not only mediocre, they are unhappy and don’t learn to be content with what they have, they always want more.


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