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Dare To Be Domestic: Traditional Living For Women


Great! You’ve realised that you want a more balanced life, serving your family and loved ones and you believe that having women more present at home to commit to their domestic duties is the key to having quality time in life.

Now you just basically have to deal with the heavy judgements of society as they tear you down at every step, as the government and similar structures don’t even recognise you exist and you start to feel a little alone.

This is the reality of the situation, but you’re not alone.

You know what, though? The Domestic Woman from decades ago also faced numerous challenges of her own, in a time where there was real oppression, there was economic instability and a lack of technology and medicine that we all benefit from now. These difficulties take another form now, though they only make you stronger and firmer in your own beliefs and your own way of life, despite how different you may be to the rest of modern society.

First of all, what do I mean my Domestic Woman?

Domestic Woman: A woman who dedicates time at home, part-time or full time in order to care for her own family, husband and children. She may or may not have children yet or is responsible for caring for her initial family that she grew up. She could be single with family, married with a partner/husband with/without children. She believes that domestic duties are a feminine strength and that proper time should be dedicated to them, as they are no different in essence to paid employment except that she earns time, quality time for her loved ones.

This is the Domestic Woman I mean, a type of woman that seems rare in today’s society and can be looked down upon by both liberals (who are very feminist and push women to careers) and conservatives (who can be economically paranoid and push women to careers). It isn’t really a political stance, it is a way of living and a philosophy that does not support materialism and feminism.

What does she believe in, then?

1. The Domestic Woman believes in the importance of quality time.
Time to wind down in the evenings without having to rush and tidy around or cook, time to enjoy their loved ones’ company and talk and share things. Time in the weekend to head out and spend time with friends/family or just relax without squeezing things here and there.

2. The Domestic Woman believes in being content in a simple life.
This means she is happy with what one (or one and a half) incomes can bring, she doesn’t want a big house in the city with two cars and exclusive private schools for her children. She doesn’t eat out every weekend. She doesn’t want two to three holidays a year and the newest gadget of every brand. She believes in getting things you truly enjoy in small amounts or just every now and then, rather than spending on a whim. She is resourceful and finds creative ways to earn money part-time, from home or even both.

Call this a gut feeling, yet I have met many women who believe these things and I suspect that many more, want to be at home with their families, especially full-time when they start having children. Even if they don’t have children yet, there are also women who wish they could have and provide more balance to their lives and their loved ones’ by being at home more, doing domestic work to keep evenings and weekends free for quality time to enjoy life.

It’s just hard to admit because it is very controversial. The norm is to work full-time, have a career and have it all and as some liberals would say, ironically, society still pushes out those who don’t fit the norm.

If you happen to be one of those women, thinking about whether you’d like a more domestic lifestyle yet unsure (or just haven’t thought much about it), here are some good reasons to become a Domestic Woman, if that is right up your alley.

You have more quality time. If you enjoy getting time to just sit, take everything in and enjoy simple, yet fun things with your loved ones (talk, watch something together or even just participate in hobbies), being a domestic woman allows more of that time without the rush of life. Studies show women are unhappier now more than ever, ever since they started having to juggle the home and work life and everything else. You can have more balance and happiness in your personal life.
You don’t support the government’s unwise spending. Let’s be honest, the government made plenty of money by having doubled the workforce when they encouraged women to join decades ago. You have just become another tax machine for them and if you disagree with what they’ve been spending tax money on (politicising schools, lowering borders, transport projects that never finish, etc.) this lifestyle is a way to lower your tax contributions and allow more of your money and time to flow to your family.
You want to leave the rat race. Big companies, not just the government, make a big profit from having women work full-time too when they sometimes don’t need to. Everyone is pushed to be independent and living alone, away from family and inflating the housing market. As most of society is at work all the time, they are more tired and less likely to think critically about the system. You are likely to spend more on useless things to ease your stress and fatigue from having to juggle it all, the marketing works.

Yet it is also important to note that not all women want to be or are made to be Domestic Women. Some a) truly get more satisfaction out of the actual juggle and busy-ness and others b) feel restless when they have more time in their hands or c) don’t live or want to live with family or settle down so they don’t really have anyone to look after. If that is you, continue on your own path and I wish you the best. Domestic Women should respect women who are not domestic as we are not all made to be the same (that is boring!) and career women should also respect their domestic fellows. We should, as women, try not to judge and focus on encouraging each other to pursue a way of living that we truly want.

So…all that aside, you have now come to the conclusion you are a Domestic Woman.

What now? What do you do and how do you do it?

This is where I come in! Over the next few weeks I will release more posts like this one, as this is my new series Dare To Be Domestic. I will soon address topics such as finances, social dilemmas and dating/relationships.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Dare To Be Domestic: Traditional Living For Women

  1. I guess I’m not very much of a domestic woman, but I definitely don’t look down on other women who are if that is how they are happy. I do rush through cooking and cleaning, because it’s not enjoyable to me, although I do like being home. But there’s no way I wouldn’t want my own income I could live off of totally on my own. I love having enough time at home to write and leisurely time to myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Women are all different and I’m glad you respect women for what they want to do, for a Western society that I am in, people are not so accepting. If you want to be on your own, you can do what you like- maybe you can find a way to defer your housework to someone else?


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