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The Guy At The Train: All The Best!


Many of you who may have read my earlier posts would know that I am fairly varied when it comes to my opinion on men and specifically, traditional men. Being a traditional woman, I am critical of both men and women in modern society and if ever there is..hope for them.

I hope to see that for many of them, even if not all, a traditional and honourable living can bring them more time and joy. Especially for men, I feel saddened knowing that many of them could enjoy more life if they had women to support them, believe in them and give them that sense of family, which is what motivated and spurred men of the old days to success and fulfilment.

I know I can be heavily critical sometimes and I think this is when the universe stops me in my tracks and teaches me something about being more open and hopeful.

Today I met a lovely man on the train, who cleared me a seat with a polite smile, so I could settle down with all my heavy bags. At first glance, you would assume he was a complete Lefty, with the shaggy hair, big beard and casual clothes. He was fit though, unlike most scrawny hipster types. Nonetheless, I was guilty of making a quick judgement as I thanked him and thought his nerdy Spiderman shirt looked cool.

He began to produce his laptop from his backpack to use it as a charging source for his phone, at this point I thought I would return the favour and help him with that. Further on, he opened his laptop and began to type. Being the type of woman I am, I did get a bit curious, I caught a glance of his screen, which was close to me. I saw the words ‘Jordan Peterson’ and then I glanced away, utterly surprised at what I had seen. It seemed he had been writing a personal development piece, I was guessing he was taking advice from Dr Jordan Peterson, a famous clinical psychologist who has great insight on women and men’s behaviours, focusing on men’s need for responsibility and taking on their male duties.

I admitted to my little peek and apologised to him, mentioning that I was merely curious about his writing on Dr Jordan Peterson and asking him how he knew him. This lead to a great conversation about our views on young men nowadays, taking responsibility for your life and working towards fulfilling goals. He was also quite fond of Joe Rogan and was amazed that I knew Milo Yiannopoulos and had met him. From there, he asked me what brought me to Milo and of course..I told him the story of Milo’s early beginnings and his support for traditional women and a traditional lifestyle. About my domestic lifestyle.
He agreed, we both eagerly agreed on the importance of quality time and contentment.

He was Caucasian though he had been to third world countries and told me he realised how lucky and comfortable his life was in Australia, compared to those who lived in those poor places.

‘Our ‘poor’ in Australia is ‘rich’ to them.’ He said.

Oh so true. Here, with all the resources available and the decent living standards, it is very possible to have a comfortable life with much less. Many third-worlders would give everything for even a taste of what the ‘low-income earners’ of Australia have.

I was wrong for judging, in this case. While usually the majority rules and you can come to these judgements, it’s important to recognise when you see the exceptions and acknowledge when you err.

Soon enough, I was at my stop and cautious of the train doors, I had to excuse myself swiftly. We smiled at each other and nodded a goodbye. I didn’t even catch his name, I don’t know if we’ll ever meet again.

There are young men out there trying to make a difference, trying to examine their lives and improve them. Finding ways to motivate themselves and take responsibility for their life as men. I hope these men find their comfort and companionship in great women who will value and respect them. They deserve it.

Guy At The Train, all the best to you!

6 thoughts on “The Guy At The Train: All The Best!

  1. Honestly, hats off to the men who’s trying to make a difference in their lives. Men don’t understand their roles as a man which is to lead, accomplish, have the best life, especially when they have a real woman on their arm. Men should never ever give up on anything. All things can be accomplished.

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    1. So true. It’s hard as a man in this society nowadays, they have barely any women around to support them since the women are busy being ‘independent’. I hope these men find great women who would support and motivate them, there is so much potential.

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  2. I loved reading this piece! I’ve learned to finally not judge a book by its cover, myself. In regards to Dee’s comment, International Men’s Day was yesterday, and I noticed not a single mention of it on any news sites I frequent or Facebook; but back in March, International Women’s Day was everywhere. I made sure to post something right away for all the wonderful men on my friends list. All of them, no matter their looks or views, are working for good.

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    1. That’s definitely great! Of course the Left-controlled media would definitely refuse to acknowledge International Men’s Day, despite everything men have worked for and given humanity for millennia. I posted on my Twitter for that too, everyone deserves recognition!

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