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Did You Know? People Are More Than Just Labels


Recently, I have been developing quite the book collection from stores around Melbourne. I have once again, fallen in love with the allure of paper, physical books. You feel the progress you make through the book when you see the bookmark moving, if there are images they are vivid and the right size, so on and so forth (I do also guiltily collect vintage bookmarks).

In one bookstore in Melbourne, which specialised in philosophy, I found myself looking at a couple of books in the politics section, glad that there were at least a couple of books that were not just Lefty propaganda. Usually most politics sections in bookstores around here just have the propaganda and Milo and Jordan Peterson’s books have been the only breath of fresh air for a while. Thank goodness. A man across me was browsing a shelf and asking the store clerk to find a replacement for some of the books he had picked, his phrases were definitely quite interesting to me.

“I want to focus on female authors.”
“I’m just tired of these white men, you know?”

Says the white man himself, standing before me. This sort of self-shaming was something I really fought hard not to roll my eyes at, when I see it beyond the internet and right there in front of me. Looking displeased, I replied with my own comment.

“If I was a female author, I wouldn’t want to be read or heard just because I have a v*gina.”

He winced at me and the shopkeeper, another woman herself, looked uncomfortable. I really had to say it.

As I have mentioned on this blog earlier in my post about female representations in the media and movies, I actually see the greater offence is women being sorted by their sex. Why would anyone feel great and valued through positive discrimination? I just don’t get it.

I wouldn’t want to be a scientist and given an award just because I happen to have female reproductive organs.
I wouldn’t want to be a soldier and given medals and privileges just because I happen to have female reproductive organs.
I wouldn’t want to be an actress and hired only because I happen to have female reproductive organs.
Because I have t*ts and a v*gina.

Well, great – thanks society, you totally understand and appreciate me for being Alex and for my unique life experiences and my personal expertise.


For feminists who keep pushing for positive discrimination, even white knighting feminists like this guy at the shop, you’re actually demeaning women by valuing us only for our sex. This is the problem with feminism and its close ties to socialism too, it’s about the group and the label, rather than the individual. It doesn’t matter what this individual’s own combination of views and life experiences are, let’s stamp a label on them because of their skin colour and sex.

So progressive!

You know why this happens? Feminism is just all about pushing a narrative that gives them power. If segregating people through labels and pushing stereotypical politics and beliefs onto them through these labels gives them more power, then so be it. They win the oppression olympics, gain a platform to whine on and ask for more and more. They don’t care about the individual feelings of those under their umbrella, they don’t care about real minorities, such as those who may not 100% agree with their narrative and are censored. It’s about what they can gain and preach.

I’m all for the right people being valued and given credit because of who they are, their personal achievements and points of view, their own identity, rather than something so general as ‘Asian’ or ‘female’. I’m more than an Asian female, those are just some aspects of me. This guy was more than a white male to me, he probably has a name, his own unique life experiences, varying opinions on many others things besides politics and quirks. Yet, he really was just looking at himself as a ‘white male’.

So, guy at the shop?
How about you look at all the authors on the topic you are asking about and judge their approaches and the content they write on that topic, then choose what you like. Looking up the author’s name and background to judge through their sex or skin colour is the last thing you should be doing.

What happened to not judging the book by its cover?

Oh it’s okay, as long as the cover has t*ts and a v*gina.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know? People Are More Than Just Labels

  1. Totally agree with you. But feminists haven’t been after equality for a long time: they want matriarchy.

    What I wonder, is this: if women are just as good as men at everything, why they need concessions? In my country some male feminist journalist just suggested that the physical tests in fire fighter school should be changed because they are unfair to women. He obviously didn’t realize that those tests are unfair to small men, too, and fo a good reason: smoke diving gear itself weights 25 kilos and firemen should be able to carry that AND unconscious person at the same time in extreme conditions…

    And if we are just as good as men in everything, why we allowed “patriarchy” to develop in the first place, if it is such a bad thing? Women have always raised kids, after all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying women are not capable. I am saying that we are different than men. Even male-brained Aspergirls like me.

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    1. Seriously true! We need more people calling out feminists for what it truly is.

      Equality is equality. No concessions. Equality of opportunity and not outcome. The way they make concessions to women is actually..a bit degrading for women. Why would I feel accomplished like the men when the standards were lowered for me because I was a ‘little wee lady’? How about having the same standards for everybody, regardless of sex? Now that’s real equality.

      Both sexes have their strengths, women have ruined themselves by trying to imitate men too much, it goes against their nature, for most of them!


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